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We are even

Lost in my sorrow, today I evoke you
And I can see you have been,
In my poor, miserable life,
Nothing but a good woman
Your hot-shot airs
Brought warmth to my nest
You were kind, acted according to your principles
And I know you have loved me
As you never loved anyone else
As you will never be able to love again
The appreciation game started
As you, poor lovely woman
Dodged poverty at the boarding house
Today you are a real big-shot
Life smiles and sings for you
You waste the money
Of those you easily fooled
Just like a knavish cat would play
With a wretched mouse
Today you have your mind full of unhappy illusions
Fools, friends and seducers have deceived you
The dance of magnates
With its crazy temptations,
Where social climber pretensions
Are realised and surrendered
Has settled deep inside your poor heart
There's nothing I should thank you for
We are even now
I don't care about what you've done
What you do now, or what you will do
I believe I have repaid all the favours
I received from you
But in case I unintentionally forgot some minor debt
If you wish, charge it
To one of those fools' account
I hope that your achievements,
Poor, fleeting achievements,
Will become a long line of wealth and pleasure
I hope the big-shot who now maintains you
Has deep pockets
I hope you forsake your association with hustlers
And that other men will say "She's a good woman"
And tomorrow, when you become decayed, old furniture
And you have no hope left in your poor heart
If you need a little help, if you would like advice
Remember this friend, who will put his life on the line
To help you in whichever way he can, when the time comes
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Mano a mano

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KamranKamran    Thu, 05/05/2011 - 20:14

wowwww citruswind, you did an outstanding job in conveying all the strength the song had. Yes, I can see that it was, not only a difficult translation but also a VERY long one. Personally, I don't ever remember a lyric where some parts were not repeated once or twice. Not in this one..lol. Many thanks for your kind attention.

algebraalgebra    Thu, 05/05/2011 - 20:35

I can't agree less, translating tangos is a pain, but when it's done is superb :)

   Thu, 05/05/2011 - 22:23

Thank you both for your kind words =D