Nancy Ajram - Mashi Haddi | ماشي حدي (English translation)

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Walking Next To Me

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You forgot that I get jealous! I get mad! Specially if they smiled for you..
But you my love.. you get carried away.. you fall for them!
And me.. the hottest guy wishes to go out with me!
Unlike you.. you make me lost by your actions.. and confused
And if a girl just gave you sign.. you'd leave me and follow her
You're walking next to me.. but with your eyes, you're driving the girls insane
A look over here and a wink over there.. Not a single girl can escape your charm!
And if by coincidence on the street a guy friend said hi to me,
You would start an investigation.. asking and blaming..
Who? and where? and how? and why?
He's my friend and since a long time..
It's ok if you get jealous sometimes.. you've been making me jealous for a long time..
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It's a beautiful song


Mashi Haddi | ماشي حدي

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