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  • Warabe

    もしも明日が → English translation

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もしもあしたが 晴れならば
愛する人よ あの場所で
もしもあしたが 雨ならば
愛する人よ そばにいて
今日の日よ さようなら
夢で 逢いましょう
そして 心の窓辺に
灯 ともしましょう
もしもあしたが 風ならば
愛する人よ 呼びにきて
もしも季節が 変わったら
愛する人よ あの歌を
もしも手紙を 書いたなら
愛する人よ 逢いにきて
今日の日を 想い出に
そっと 残しましょう
そして 心の垣根に
花を 咲かせましょう
もしも涙が こぼれたら
愛する人よ なぐさめて
もしもあしたが 晴れならば
愛する人よ あの場所で
もしもあしたが 雨ならば
愛する人よ そばにいて
愛する人よ そばにいて

If Tomorrow...

If it's sunny tomorrow,
...wait for me at that place, my love
If it rains tomorrow,
...I want you to stay with me, my love
This is it for today
Let's meet again in our dreams
Then, by the window of our hearts,
...let's each turn on the light
If it's windy tomorrow,
...come and take me out, my love
When the season changes,
...please sing me that song, my love
When I write you a letter,
...come see me, my love
And this is it for today,
...let's gently keep it in our memories
And then, by the fence of our hearts,
...let's make the flowers bloom
If I start to cry,
...I want you to comfort me, my love
If it's sunny tomorrow,
...wait for me at that place, my love
If it rains tomorrow,
...I want you to stay with me, my love
I want you to stay with me
   Tue, 26/09/2023 - 09:06

Released on December 21, 1983 as their second single, this song reached #1 in Oricon chart with 969,640 sales by Oricon version (*or 1,047,000 sales by "Music Research" version). At the end of the year, it reached #1 in Oricon yearly chart of 1984. By then, Warabe was left with two remaining members since Takabe Tomoko has resigned from the group because of her scandal.


This song was used in Lotte chocolatte CM:



It has cute anime version MV:



Their live performances:

^ in "The Best Ten" that had their own ranking system different from Oricon chart, this song still ranked #1. The two Warabe girls sang together with the actress who played as their mom in their variety show.


^ in "The Top Ten" (before they changed its name into "Uta no Top Ten") that had their own ranking system, this song also ranked #1


in their own variety show:


^ singing together with The Checkers





Warabe singing this song in early 2000s



Warabe sang this song once again in 2016


   Tue, 26/09/2023 - 09:09

This song has been covered by 11 singers from 1984-2003, including several Chinese / Cantonese versions.



Diazepan MedinaDiazepan Medina
   Thu, 28/09/2023 - 18:48

1) One of the first songs I translated from japanese here

2) The video with the checkers is of the Ondo version of the song

3) Alternative version by Momoko (the lyrics say "If everyday were Sundays")

4) cover by Fuyumi Sakamoto and Ayako Fuji recorded in 2012

5) For some reason the music of the song reminds me of "Boby mi buen amigo"

   Thu, 28/09/2023 - 21:10

The Ondo version surprisingly has very low sales compared to the original version.

This song suits Kikuchi Momoko singing style. And she sang it while knitting. I don't know what's with the ending but it's cute.

And thanks for the videos.