Carole Samaha - Sohabi (صحابي) (English translation)

English translation

My Friends

My friends and my lifelong companions
Where are they?
Between them and I
there is nothing but good things and kindness
I just wish I could hear
good news about them
good news from them
And we'd gather together soon like back then
My friends who were my people and by my side
and who know my news
Among them there are ones that
defended me when someone talked behind my back
And restored my image
And among them there are ones who were by my side
during my hard times
And they were my support on my way
And among them there are ones that I
trusted with my life and secrets
My friends who were from the beginning
right there having my back
I always remember them positively
And no matter how much life takes me away
And took them away, I can never forget them
Because it would be hard to replace them
Let me know if you have any questions about my translation. Good luck.
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Sohabi (صحابي)

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