Meiko Kaji - Urami Bushi (怨み節 ) (English translation)

English translation

Bitter Melody

The flower, if it is pretty, becomes flattered 
(Then) If it shows itself in full blossom, soon its petals are scattered 
Foolish! Foolish!
Foolish woman's bitter melody.
If fate is harsh, you must accept it 
If you show yourself crying, you will be forced to cry again 
A Woman, a woman,
a woman's tears' bitter melody
This hateful regret, I cannot forgive 
It is not erased. I does not disappear. I cannot forget it. 
Pierced through, pierced through.
Pierced through woman's bitter melody.
When dreams bring lingering regret, laugh 
If they appear while you're awake, don't close your eyes 
A woman, a woman,
a woman's heart's bitter melody
The most brilliantly red rose has many thorns 
If the (thorn's) wound was not deep, it was not fate to wound deeply 
Burning, burning.
Burning woman's bitter melody.
The dying fruit of the flower, it can no longer bloom 
In blind bitterness it lives out its days 
A woman, a woman,
a woman's life's bitter melody.
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Urami Bushi (怨み節 )

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