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Y todavía te quiero (English translation)

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And I still love you

Every time that I hold you in my arms
I look at your eyes, I hear your voice
and I think of my life in shambles,
the payment for all I do for you.
I wonder “why didn't all the bitterness and pain
come to an end?”
If next to you I have no future
why don’t I rip this love from my chest?
Why …if you lie once,
if you lie another time and you lie again…?
Why …I embrace you again,
I kiss you again
even when you make me suffer?
I know that your love is a wound,
it is the cross of my life and my ruin.
Why I’m tormented for you
and my anxiety for you worsen each time? …
And why, with the heart in pieces,
I cling to your arms, if you don’t love me?
I can’t live like I live…
I know, I understand rightly
if with you all I get.
the bitter caress of your compassion …
But … Why I don’t cry
it’s all lies, your love is a lie
and why I need your love,
if in it I only find martyrdom and pain?
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Y todavía te quiero

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líadanlíadan    Wed, 10/05/2017 - 00:56

This is a good translation, only things I can point out are the following:

and I think about my life into pieces, > and I think of my life in shambles

Why not finish
so much bitterness, so much pain > why didn't all the bitterness and pain come to an end

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