Я не люблю (Ya ne lyublyu) (English translation)

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I do not like...

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I don't like a fatal outcome,
I never get sick of life.
I don't like any of the year's seasons
When I don't sing cheerful songs.
I don't like the cold cynicism,
I don't believe in enthusiasm, and also
I don't like it when someone else reads my letters,
Looking over my shoulder.
I don't like it halfway,
or when a conversation is interrupted.
I don't like being shot in the back, (equal to being stabbed in the back)
as much as I'm against shots at close range.
I hate gossips in the form of versions,
Hate worms of doubt, the needle of honors,
Or when it's against the flow all the time, (expression of annoying feeling for your dog/cat when you stroke your pet against its hair growth)
Or when the iron is put against the glass. (expression of annoying sound when you run a piece of metal against glass)
I don't like being overconfident (fed up with confidence),
I'd prefer to let the brakes fail instead!
It's a shame to me that the word "honor" is forgotten,
And that they talk behind someone's back.
When I see broken wings -
There's no pity in me, and for a good reason.
I don't like violence and powerlessness/weakness,
I feel sorry/pity only for the crucified Christ.
I don't like myself when I'm a coward,
It is an offense to me when innocents get beaten,
I don't like it when someone pries into my soul (expression of someone annoyingly prying into your private life when it's non of their business, trying to figure out your inner feelings, thoughts)
And even worse than that is when someone spits at it (at your soul) (expression used when you do something good for a person but he doesn't give a damn about you and just pays you back with a spit into you soul).
I don't like the arenas,
A million is exchanged for rouble (impossible to translate. even hard to understand in russian. means that real talents, spiritual riches are exchanged at a cheap rate for arenas, for popularity, for fame. Million for a "rouble" - money in Russia)
Let the big changes come ahead,
But I'll never be able to like it.
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It's a very good one, full of nice phrases, metaphores and stuff ... Many untranslatable phrases which make full sense only in russian language, but i tried my best to explain.

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Я не люблю (Ya ne lyublyu)

ametystowa.gryziaametystowa.gryzia    Mon, 13/01/2014 - 11:42

u did just a great job! thx a lot! and yeah.. it's complete in rusuan only Regular smile

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