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يوم تلات (Youm Talat) (English translation)

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A Tuesday

On a Tuesday three girls called me
On the carpet I liked their looks
A setting and happiness and they bought me lunch
We ate together and they fascinated me
It's like a conspiracy
Shall I love the dark one
Or the white with the red cheeks
Life is sweet with the one with the sweet soul
They're all beautiful
They drove me crazy
Everytime I want to leave I tell myself to stay
An infinite beauty
Why should I leave this place!
The gathering of the beauties seduces me
Their hair is silk like flying in front of me
It's difficult to see something like that except for in my dreams
Their magic is dangerous what can I describe
A Tuesday equal to all my days
Their bodies are prettier than each other
My heart never came back to me
I had an AWD ( Arabic music instrument like a guitar) in my hands that I sang with
I'll wait for you in the morning my pretty
The talking took us until it got dark
We had a pretty good day prettier than I could ever imagine
One by one leaned over me
If I were to live here all my life it wouldn't be enough
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From Egypt with love, Tito

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يوم تلات (Youm Talat)

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