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    Barbaras Rhabarberbar

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Barbara's rhubarb bar

Once upon a time in a small city, there
lived a girl called Barbara
And this Barbara was known in the entire country
for her abnormally good rhubarb cake
Yes, you could say that Barbara's
rhubarb cake, was without any ifs, ands and buts
a downright magical experience
Well, this cake was downright amazing
and after, its demand increased drastically
in the same year Barbara opened a bar
and called it “Barbaras Rhabarbar Bar1
In the city there were also a couple barbarians
they found out about Barbara's rhubarb bar
and because after that they were with Barbara daily
they were soon called the rhubarb bar barbarians
In the following years the barbarians let go of their
barbaric behavior little by little
They were, claimed Barbara,
almost friendlier than Barbapapa
But the barbarians were very hairy
and they had all a scrubby barbarian beard (not special at all)
consequently Barbara sent
her barbarian friends to the barbarian beard barber
He even styled the barbarians' entire heads
in his barbarian beard barber barbershop
He was indeed a terrible chatterbox
But after that the beard was totally tiptop
After that the barbarians nicely invited their beard barber
after finished work in the rhubarb bar
Then at the bar they drank a beer together
The rhubarb bar barbarians and the beard barber
And ate in addition without any barbarity
a piece of rhubarb cake
I think it was two
Yes, then even very tough men got approachable
and that all thanks to Barbara's rhubarb
Three barbarians and the beard barber
sat at the bar in the evening with a beer
then the police came: “Well, where were you?”
Three barbarians and the beard barber
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Barbaras Rhabarberbar

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Shane T LanguagesShane T Languages    ср, 08/05/2024 - 16:05

Some notes.
Stadt and Städtchen = city and little city.
ohne wenn und aber = (no ifs, ands, or buts) without a doubt , ( there can be no argument)
geradezu = more like downright or literally. ( an expressive modifier ) maybe ... an absolute magical experience!
ein paar = some, can be two or a pair but more often just means some or a few
fahren lassen = means to let go of
nach und nach = little by little

So not stopped their barbaric behavior, rather they let go of it little by little ( but same end result)

bombastisch = super!
I don't think the word bombastic conveys the intended meaning of bombastisch, its dictionary definition is overblown like exaggerated. In the context of the song it seems like it wants to say the pie is good. All the evidence indicates this, so the meaning of bombastisch in German ought to have a positive connotation. In street language the word means more like super ! like awesome.

frisieren = I'm not convinced it means that they had their heads shaved, since the word just means they got their hair cut, rather than shaved. But the fact they are at a barber for beards maybe implies this outcome. I'm curious if frisieren has this meaning in other contexts.
I visualize them getting shaved when I hear it myself.

   чт, 09/05/2024 - 11:45

Thanks for the notes.

I already changed ''geradezu'', I don't think it's very simple with all the differing opinions to translate it, but I'll change it
''a couple'' or ''some'', ''few'' means basically the same thing, no? I'll change it, though, it just came to me as a good translation in the moment

Yes, ''frisieren'' being ''styled'' is correct, I think I just misheard the lyrics and had the word ''rasieren'' in my head at the time, and didn't pay enough attention to the song's lyrics

   ср, 08/05/2024 - 23:22

>"Der frisierte den Barbaren sogar den ganzen Kopp"
He even styled the barbarians' entire heads

>"Und aßen dazu bar jeder Barbarei"
And ate in addition without any barbarity

   чт, 09/05/2024 - 11:49

Thank you, I'll change it
I made the translation when ''bar'' still said ''bei'', I forgot to review it correctly.