Raphael (Raphaël)

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Four consonants and three vowels, that is the name of Raphael,
I murmur it to my ear and each letter fills me with wonder,
It is the diaeresis which bewitches me in the first name of Raphael
As it mixes with “A” with “E”, as it intermingles them with “L”, Raphael … [lol]
He seems like an angel but he is a devil of love.
At the end of hips and his velvet glance,
When he leans, when he leans, my nights are white
And forever … Hmm
I love the notes with honey taste, in Raphael’s first name.
I whisper them as I awake, between the feathers of the sleep
And so that the day is beautiful, I scent myself with Raphael …
Little Skin of sorrow, eternal painter, strange archangel of another sky …
No delight, no spark, no mischied without Raphael.
Without him the days become boring and my nights are bored more beautiful
No concern, no prelude, no eternal promise
Just the love in our bed, just our lives in rainbow, Raphael …
Seems wise and his words are velvet
And of his glance without detour
When he tells, when he invents, I can listen to him Night and day … Hmm
Four consonants and three vowels, that is the name of Raphael,
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Quatre consonnes et trois voyelles c'est le prénom de Raphaël,
Je le murmure à mon oreille et chaque lettre m'émerveille,
C'est le tréma qui m'ensorcelle dans le prénom de Raphaël,
Comme il se mêle au "a" au "e", comme il les entremêle au "l", Raphaël...


Idioms from "Raphaël"
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"mes nuits sont blanches"
I am not sure but doesn't this mean "my nights are sleepless?"