Born to live (Geboren um zu leben)

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Born to live

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It's hard for me
To live without you
Every day at every time
Just to give everything
I so often think
Back to the past
To the lovely past day
I imagine
That you support me
And on every way
Are at my side
I think of so much
Since you don't exist anymore
Because you have shown me
How valuable life is
We were born to live
With the miracles of time
Never to forget onself
Up to eternity
We were born to live
For the one moment
Because everyone of us felt
How valuable life is
It still hurts
To create new space
To allow something
With a good feeling
At this moment
You are close to me again
Like on that lovely past day
It is my wish
To allow dreams again
To look into future
Without regret
I see a meaning
Since you've been gone
Because you have show me
How valuable my life is
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Geboren um zu leben

Es fällt mir schwer,
ohne Dich zu leben,
jeden Tag, zu jeder Zeit,
einfach alles zu geben.
Ich denk' so oft
zurück an das was war,
an jedem so geliebten, vergangenen Tag.


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dowlenon1     September 1st, 2012


I confess I had never liked German, because I thought it is an ugly language and sounds horrible, but after listening to this song I completely changed my mind, this song is so beautiful.

Now I saw the translation I see that the beautiful melody lives up to the rich meaning, really awesome! German song that I most like.

dowlenon1     September 1st, 2012
Preciouss     September 18th, 2012
Preciouss     September 18th, 2012

@dowlenon1: To be honest, the more I listen to various music from all over the world, the more convinced I am that there are no "ugly" languages. Some are more or less melodic than others, some have a more sophisticated pronounciation or vocabulary, we view some as strange because they don't resemble our language... but each is stil beautiful in its own way.

dowlenon1     October 1st, 2012

That's so true, Precious. From this song I also learned there is not such 'ugly' languages, as I used to find, I totally agree with you.