Michalis Violaris - Tillirkotissa ( Τηλλυρκώτισσα ) (English translation)

Greek (Cypriot)

Tillirkotissa ( Τηλλυρκώτισσα )

Εσε έ-βερεβε-ναν
τζια ε-βερε-ν μιτσίν
μες τους-βουρουβου-ς
εφτά-βαραβα πλανή-βιριβι-τες
για-βαρα-λουρου-βουρου-δα μου
Τζεπιά-βαραβα-σαν με-βερεβε
μες τη-βιρβι-ν καρκιάν
τα λό-βοροβο-για
που βουρουβου μου
για-βαρα-λουρου-βουρου-δα μου
Επή-βιριβι-αν τζ-ει-βιριβι-παν
της βιριβι-ς πελλής
πως έ-βερεβε-ν να πά-βαραβά-ω
για-βαρα-λουρου-βουρου-δα μου
Τζια εμά-βαραβα-εψε βερεβε-ν
την θά-βαραβα-λασσαν
τζε ασή-βιριβι-κωσέ βερεβε-ν
για-βαρα-λουρου-βουρου-δα μου
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English translation

Girl from Tilliria

There is a,
and it's small,
in the
7 planets,
my girl (with the blue eyes)
La la la la
And they got me,
in the heart,
the things,
you told me,
my girl (with the blue eyes)
La la la la
You went,
and told the crazy girl,
that I had to leave (forever, somewhere far away)
my girl (with the blue eyes)
La la la la
And she (the crazy girl) did magic to the sea,
and there was wind,
my girl (with the blue eyes)
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Author's comments:

In Tilliria, they were using the sounds: varava, virivi, vourouvou, vereve between syllables so that the english occupiers wouldnt understand what they were speaking about. this song is in cypriot and talks about a girl with having this sounds between syllables. the translation above ignores the sounds so that you can understand the meaning of the song

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