Baila Casanova (English translation)

  • Artist: Paulina Rubio
  • Song: Baila Casanova 6 translations
  • Translations: Croatian, English, Finnish, French, Russian, Serbian
English translationEnglish

Dance casanova

Touch my skin and begin to fall
Foolish danger in excess
Seeing you dance is almost a ritual
And you know I crave for you
I can’t control the madness inside of me
It’s irrational what you make me feel
Chorus 2x
Dance for me, just for me
Your dancing takes my breath away
The night is magic and sensual
And the hunger is incontrollable
The moment’s perfect
Don’t ever stop dancing
Love me, dance, dance, Casanova
Your heat, my passion, what a combination
Delirium perfumes the mystery
It’s inevitable seeing you dance
Making love to you in my dreams
And they can’t go away if desire can do more
Sugar and salt, I don’t want to escape
Chorus 2x
Oooooooh Casanova danced
Oooooooooooh Casanova danced
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Baila Casanova

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