Maria Callas - Casta Diva (English translation)

English translation

Virtuous Goddess

Virtuous Goddess, covering with silver
these sacred ancient plants,
turn towards us your fair face
cloudless and unveiled
Temper, oh Goddess,
you temper the ardent hearts
furthermore temper the audacious zeal,
spread on earth the same peace
that make you make reign in heaven
Complete the rite
and the sacred forest
should be cleansed of the profane
when the Spirit irate and gloomy,
will ask for the blood of the Romans.
From the Druidic temple
my voice will thunder.
He'll fall; I can punish him.
But my heart doesn't know to punish.
Ah! Come back to me beautiful
to your loyal first love;
and against the whole world
I shall protect you.
Ah! Come back to me beautiful
along with your serene radiance
and life in your womb,
and I'll have homeland and sky.
Ah, come back again as you were then,
then when I gave you my heart,
Ah, come back to me.
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Casta Diva

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