Tom Jobim - Chega De Saudade (English translation)

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Chega De Saudade

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Go, my sadness, and tell her that without her it can't be
Tell her in a prayer
To come back, because I can't suffer anymore
Enough missing her
The reality is that without her there's no peace, there's no beauty
It's only sadness and malancholy
That won't leave me, won't leave me, won't leave...
But if she comes back, if she comes back
What a beautiful thing, what a crazy thing
For there are less fish swimming in the sea
Than the kisses I'll give you in your mouth
Inside my arms, the hugs shall be millions of hugs
Tight like this, united like this, silent like this
Infinite hugs and kisses and caressess
To end this "living-without-me" business
Don't want this "far-away" business
Let's end this "living-away-from-me" business
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Chega De Saudade

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Guest    Wed, 22/04/2009 - 04:47

Beautiful! Absolutely wonderful song.