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Chi il bel sogno di Doretta (English translation)


Chi il bel sogno di Doretta

Chi il bel sogno di Doretta
potè indovinar?
Il suo mister come mai
come mai fini
Ahimè! un giorno uno studente
in bocca la baciò
e fu quel bacio
fu la passione!
Folle amore!
Folle ebbrezza!
Chi la sottil carezza
d'un bacio così ardente
mai ridir potrà?
Ah! mio sogno!
Ah! mia vita!
Che importa la ricchezza
se alfine è rifiorita
la felicità!
O sogno d'or
poter amar così!
Submitted by evfokasevfokas on 2011-09-09
Last edited by annabellannaannabellanna on 2018-12-08
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Doretta's beautiful dream

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Who could Doretta's beautiful dream
ever guess?
Her mystery how come it's never
how come it's never ending
Alas! One day a student
kisses her on the lips
and it was such a kss
It was passion!
Crazy love!
Crazy intoxication!
Who could this subtle carress
of such flaming a kiss
ever describe;
Ah! my dream!
Ah! my life!
Who cares about riches
if it finally flourishes
Oh golden dream
to be able to love like this!
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Submitted by evfokasevfokas on 2011-09-09
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