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Non/Disney Fandubs
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'A Bella e 'a Bestia [Beauty and the Beast]Translation
'A Luce [The Glow]Translation
'A Meglia Staggione (Reprise) [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]Translation
'A Meglia Staggione [Ring in the Season]Translation
'A Vita È Corta [Life's Too Short]Translation
'Ang ka Layo' [How Far I'll Go]
'Colours of the Wind' sung in 17 Indigenous Languages of North AmericaTranslation
'Di Ko Sasabihin [I Won't Say I'm in Love]Translation
'k Laat het los, eindelijk los [Let It Go]Translation
'Ku sedia [How Far I'll Go (Reprise)]Translation
'kua kitea nga mea katoa [All is found]Translation
'Ncanto Sanante [Healing Incantation]Translation
'O fiume re ricorde [All is found]Translation
'Okapau Teu Alu [How Far I'll Go]Translation
'Oku 'i Moana [I Am Moana]Translation
'Unga [Shiny]Translation
1, 2, 3 - After The Rain [Intro Pokémon Sword and Shield] (Full Size) (English Cover)
A lo desconocido voy [Into the Unknown]Translation
A porta do amor [Love Is Αn Open Door]Translation
Á Senë [Let It Go]Translation
À travers l'inconnu [Into the Unknown]Translation
Aanga-bo Me Ta'nga (My Lullaby) [Tankonga]Translation
Abdan gihān [A Whole New World]
Adonde Me Liebar [Into the Unknown]
Aggà esterè [Ahí estaré] (Perciscan)
Aggià sapè [I need to know]Translation
Aguantaré [Stand]
Ahtohallan [All Is Found]Translation
Això és Halloween [This Is Halloween]
Ajò, ma' [Mom Look] (Sardinian)Translation
Ako si Moana [I Am Moana]Translation
Ako si Moana [I am Moana] (Tagalog)Translation
Aku Moana [I am Moana] (Indonesian version)Translation
Aku Moana [I Am Moana] (Indonesian)Translation
Aku Moana [I Am Moana] (Moana's Part)Translation
Aku Moana! [I Am Moana]Translation
Alam Mo Kung Sino Ka [Know Who You Are]Translation
Alam Na Ang Daan [We Know The Way]Translation
Alcanzaré mis sueños ya [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Aliquando Decembris [Once Upon A December]Translation
All Is Found (Kuyavian)Translation
All'alba risorgerò [Let It Go]Translation
Āllä Marina
Alles Proberen [Try Everything]Translation
Als de midwinterbel luidt [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]Translation
Ama-gah [Let it go] (Anatolian)
An Innocent Warrior (Arabic)Translation
Än snöflingor kan nå [Touch of Ice]Translation
An weit'ren Schritt [The Next Right Thing]Translation
Anba lanmè [Under the Sea]
Anenvràme [Remember Me] (Perciscan)
Ang Kagikanan [We Know The Way]Translation
Ang sa iyo [Know Who You Are]Translation
Ang Totoong Ako [Let it go]Translation
Anjarako [How Far I'll Go]
Apprends-Moi Bien [Learn Me Right]
Aquí está [Where You Are] (Peruvian Spanish) (Moana's part)Translation
Aquí, espero o meu milagre [Waiting on a Miracle]
Arabian Nuit (Reprise) [Arabian Nights (Reprise)]Translation
Arkětã [Let It Go] (Dragonese)
Ašâr amûn! [A Whole New World] (Ašūhem)
Así de mala [Rotten to the Core]
Ata onde vou [How Far I'll Go]
Audició (Els Ximples que somien) [Audition (The Fools who dream)]
Audrey's Christmas Rewind (Spanish)
B'rapa jauh [How far I’ll go Singaporean Malay]Translation
Bailemos tú y yo [Can I Have This Dance?]
BAMM (Spanish)
Basia [Kiss the Girl]
Baso nel mar [Under the Sea]
Batida do Meu Corazón [Proud Corazón]Translation
Be Prepared (21 conlang multilanguage)
Bebahkan [Let It Go] (Kelantanese)
Bebaskan Lepaskan [Let It Go] (Singaporean Malay)Translation
Bebaskan [Show Yourself]Translation
Bebaske [Let It Go] (Kelantanese)Translation
Bella et Bestia - Fabula Aeterna [Beauty and the Beast]Translation
Bella et Bestia | Tέρας σύν κάλη [Beauty and the Beast POP]Translation
Belle (Reprise) (Catalan)
Belle (Reprise) (Portuguese)Translation
Belle (Reprise) (Venetan)
Belle's reprise [Belle (Reprise)]Translation
Belum dikenal [Into the Unknown]
Beso de amor [One Kiss]
Biarkan [Let It Go]Translation
Biarkan, biarkan [Let it go]Translation
Biarkan, lepaskan [Let it go]
Big Bang Theory COVER ITA
Bilo jednom u zimi [Once Upon A December]Translation
Bisakah kau rasakan [Can You Feel the Love Tonight (2019)]
Biz Birlikteyken [When We're Together]Translation
Boig d'amor [Crazy in love]
Boje vjetrova [Colors of the Wind]Translation
Boku no Hero Academia opening (Ukrainian)
Bože pomozi [God Help The Outcasts]Translation
Brave Heart (French Fanmade)
Brave Heart (Russian Version Fanmade)
Break My Mind (German Cover)
Bumitaw [Let It Go]Translation
Bungkam [Speechless (Full)]
Butter-Fly (French Fanmade)
Buy-i Rn [Let it go]
Bλέπω φώς (Blépo fós) [I See The Light POP]Translation
C'a Pozzo Fa [Almost There]Translation
Calcossa ca ne inmagarà [Something There]
Caramelldansen (Catalan Version)
Caramelldansen [EU Portuguese Version]
Caramelldansen [Polish Version]Translation
Cé da mi menil bele tuneivon? [How Does a Moment Last Forever?] (Athlin)
Celebrant el Nadal (Reprise) [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]Translation
Celebrant El Nadal [Ring in the Season]Translation
Celebrantes consociatis [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]Translation
Celebrar a Quadra (Reprise) [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]Translation
Celebrar a Quadra [Ring in the Season]Translation
Ceo ei tocar [Touch the Sky]
Certo, facciamo quel pupazzo [Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Reprise 2)]Translation
Chama a mim [Queen of Mean]
Che farebbe Brian Boitano? [What would Brian Boitano do]
Che scoprirò! [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Chea s-ciànta abisognabiłe [The Bare Necessities]
Cicle vital [Circle of Life]
Ciutat dels Estels [City of Stars]
Çò que i a ailà [How Far I'll Go (Reprise)]Translation
Co se mám starat [Why Should I Worry]Translation
Coba Semua [Try Everything]Translation
Colors al vent [Colors of the Wind]Translation
Comme Se Ferma Nu Mumento (Montmartre) [How Does a Moment Last Forever (Montmartre)]Translation
Comme Se Ferma Nu Mumento (Music Box) [How Does a Moment Last Forever (Music Box)]Translation
Con el río correré [Just Around The Riverbend]Translation
Cor Gelātum [Frozen Heart]Translation
Coraggioso, leale e vero
Cosmix Winx (Swedish Fandub)
Çox sağ ol [You're Welcome]Translation
Crescere [Ser Mejor]
Crudelia De Mon [Cruella De Vil]Translation
Ĉu estas amo en nokton [Can You Feel the Love Tonight?]Translation
Ĉu Vi Volas Neĝohomon [Do You Want to Build a Snowman?]Translation
Cuanto vurìa [Part of Your World]Translation
Curirè, vularè [Touch the Sky] (Perciscan)
Da cagnà [Let It Go] (Abruzzese)Translation
Da cagnà [Let It Go] (Abruzzese)Translation
Da Fluss hüft zu vasteh [All is Found]Translation
Dalawang Oruguitas [Dos Oruguitas]
Daleko myerg [How Far I'll Go]
Dam [Let it go]
Daw ede fess clusen POP [God Help The Outcasts POP] (Athlin)
Daw ede fess clusen [God Help The Outcasts] (Athlin)
de avav ma(Reprise) [How far i'll go(Reprise)]Translation
De gninte [You're Welcome]Translation
De Pie [Stand]
De stad van het licht [The City of Lights]
Deixao ir [Let It Go]Translation
Deli Rav's [Let It Go] (Jessycaish)Translation
Demà serà avui un cop més [Tomorrow is this morning again]
Den daviora [In Summer] (Perciscan)
Derribar [Break This Down]
Deus faciat quiddam [God Help The Outcasts]Translation
Devilman Crybaby [Devilman no Uta / デビルマンのうた]
Di aprire le feste [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]Translation
Di kesunyian malam [Can You Feel the Love Tonight (2019)]Translation
Di Suatu Desember [Once Upon A December]Translation
Diam [Speechless (Full)]Translation
Dieu adéu a tot el Nadal [Say Goodbye to the Holiday]
Diliseyi hima [Let it go] - Sinhala version
Dilni [Show Yourself]Translation
Dire adieu [The Last Goodbye]
Dis es Hantobeen [This is Halloween] (Simlish)
Disconnotu e nou [Into the Unknown]Translation
Djevo milena [Noble Maiden Fair (A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal)]
Do la proxim corr ther [The Next Right Thing] (Glacian)Translation
Do You Wanna Build A Snowman (Reprise) [Version 2]
Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Reprise 1)
Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Reprise 2)
Doen wat die beste is [The Next Right Thing]Translation
Dolor Ī [Let it go]Translation
Doncella de noble interior [Noble Maiden Fair (A Mhaighdean Bhan Uasal)]
Donde nadie va [Into the Unknown]Translation
Doon Sa Kawalan [Into the Unknown (End credits)]Translation
Dove arriverò [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Dua Beluncas [Dos Oruguitas]
Duce Mē [Be Prepared]
Dunia Baru [A Whole New World]
È il motivo di ciò [Mysterious Force]Translation
E Kahiki Ē [How Far I'll Go]
Eccomi [This Is Me]
Eens, op een dag komt December [Once Upon A December]Translation
Ég vente på en mirakel [Waiting On A Miracle]Translation
Ego volo iam fieri rex [I Just Can't Wait To Be King]Translation
Ehi Ho
Ehi Ho Re-Reprise [Heigh-Ho (Reprise)]
Ei mare [Mom Look]
Eine ganz neue Zeit [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]Translation
Eitta òliri? [What Does He Want?] (Sardinian)Translation
Ekatrīnām(Reprīzānn) [How Far I'll Go (Reprise)] (Mervian)Translation
El meu germà, amic per sempre [Big Brother Best Friend Forever]
El Muro que nos separa [Ce mur qui nous sépare]
El zieło a tocarò [Touch the sky]Translation
Els moments que ens quèiem fatal [When we didn't get along]
Emmudir-me [Speechless (Full)]
En célébrant cette saison [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]Translation
En reserv [More Than Just The Spare]Translation
Encontrarte [Gotta Find You]
Enga anie hisy tohiny [Once Upon A December]
Enna Runa [Son of Man] (Crootch)Translation
Enne familie Madrigal [The Family Madrigal]Translation
Érase una vez [My Once Upon a Time]
Eres un villano [Chillin' Like a Villain]
Es ar vech [Let It Go] (Coastal Atlantean)Translation
Es colors que pòrte eth vent [Colors of the Wind] (Aranese)
Es ist Zeit (Reprise) [Life's Too Short (Reprise)]Translation
Es ist Zeit [Life's Too Short]Translation
Es Ist Zu Spät [Life's Too Short (Reprise)]
És la nit de l'amor (Can you feel the love tonight)Translation
Es rock que nos va [We Rock]
És tot un món nou [Into the Unknown]
Escrit en el teu cor [Written In Your Heart]
Ésta soy [This Is Me]
Estar Contigo [Just Wanna Be With You]
Et Nīl Est! [You're welcome]
Eu son Moana [I am Moana]
Extra-ordinària [Extra-Ordinary]
Ezezagunerantz [Into the unknown]Translation
Facimme Nu Pupazzo 'Nzieme (Second Reprise) [Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Reprise 2)]Translation
Facimme Nu Pupazzo 'Nzieme? [Do You Want to Build a Snowman?]Translation
Facimmo Nu Pupazzo 'Nzieme? (Primm Reprise) [Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Reprise 1)]Translation
Fāngϩī Xān [Let it go] (Mervian)Translation
Feitizo curativo [Healing Incantation]Translation
Fiamme e l'Inferno [Hellfire]Translation
Fidati di me [Proud Of Your Boy]
Fiera di Me ("Proud of Your Boy")
Filius hominis [Son of Man]Translation
Finale/Lasst sie los [Finale/Let It Go]
Finisi yek Ferhb/Ferhbi (Opening) (Crootch)Translation
Five Nights at Freddy's Song (German Cover)
Flowers in ITALIANO!
For The First Time In Forever (Armenian)
For The First Time In Forever Reprise (Armenian)
Foras [Out There]Translation
Fuerte [Stronger]
Fühl mich frei [Touch the Sky]Translation
Funcionarà [It's Gonna Work]
Gad hi fynd [Let It Go]
Gehennae [Hellfire]Translation
Ghe rivarò! [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Ghicci Ghicci Gui [Gitchee Gitchee Goo] (Sardinian)Translation
Ghorqma [Let it go]Translation
Ĝi estas mian revon [My Lullaby]Translation
Ĝi ne funkcios [I Won't Say (I'm In Love)]Translation
Gib mir Deine Hand [Into the open air]Translation
Guichi Guichi gu [Gitchee Gitchee Goo]
Gyerünk hát [Let It Go]Translation
Głośniej [Speechless (Full)]Translation
Hacia el más allá [Into the Unknown]
Hakuna Matata (Venetan)
Hana Mana Ganda [What Made the Red Man Red?] (Peter Pan)
Hanggang Saan Ang Hangganan Ko [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Haras lo que podrás [Do What You Gotta Do]
Hari Muka [Evermore]
Haruka Kanata (Ukrainian)
Hasta la noche [Night Falls]
Hay que vivir (Reprise) [Life's Too Short (Reprise)]
Hay que vivir [Life's Too Short]
Hay Tantas Formas De Ser Malos [Ways To Be Wicked]Translation
Hayotimda birinchi marta (Takror) [For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)]
Hayotimda birinchi marta [For the First Time in Forever]
Haz lo que sea mejor [Do What You Gotta Do]
Healing Incantation (Hawaiian)Translation
Hele dig [All Of You]Translation
Hellfire (17 constructed languages)Translation
Hellfire - Disney - Il gobbo di Notre Dame - ( versione italiana RISCRITTA Ver1)
Hellfire - Disney - Il gobbo di Notre Dame - ( versione italiana RISCRITTA Ver1-2)
Her Er Halloween [This Is Halloween]Translation
Her şeyi dene [Try Everything]Translation
Herranal, morranal [Let it go] (Florian)
Hia Niv Ilav [A Whole New World] (Athlin)
Hic Sub Mari [Under the Sea]
Hoćeš li se igrati u snjegu? [Do You Want to Build a Snowman?]Translation
Hor doa Aske [Let It Go]
How Does a Moment Last Forever (Montmartre) (Catalan)
How Far I'll Go
How Far I'll Go (German Cover Version)Translation
How Far I'll Go (Moana - Persian fandub)Translation
How far I'll go (Moana) || Self-written Italian
How Far I'll Go (Simlish)
How Far I'll Go - Swedish FandubTranslation
How Far I'll go [Unofficial Italian version]Translation
hüvïniyu [The Plagues]Translation
Hừy kalklày pạỹ(Finale) [We know the way(Finale)] - Li YuTranslation
Hvad mere vil ég gøre? [What Else Can I do?]
I Believe You [Te Creo]
I die fremdi Wält [Into the Unknown] Translation
I hei anau (Fanmade Reprise) [How Far I'll Go (Reprise)]Translation
I no miolar [The Cat's Meow]
I Wonder (Armenian)Translation
I'll Make a Man Out of You (21 conlang multilanguage)
Ich bin bereit [How Far I'll Go]
Ich bin Moana [I Am Moana]Translation
Ich bin nah [I Am With You]Translation
Ich bin noch hier (male version) [I'm Still Here]
Ich bin noch hier [I'm still here]Translation
Ich erreich' das Ziel [Crossing the Line]Translation
Ich lass los, lass jetzt los [Let It Go]Translation
Ich lass’ los [Let It Go]Translation
Ich los los [Let It Go]
Id Agat [Let It Go]Translation
Ieu otéwé [How Far I'll Go]
Ieu soi Vaiana [I Am Moana] (Moana's Part Only)Translation
IF I CAN DREAM (Italian Version by Michele Vinci)
If Only I'd Known [Into the Unknown] (Coronavirus Parody)
Ig mach manen fon desech tous [I'll Make a Man Out of You] (Coastal Atlantean)Translation
Ignis Infernus [Hellfire]Translation
Il giorno più stupendo è oggi [Today is Gonna Be a Great Day]Translation
Il lamento di Davy Jones
Il risveglio di un brivido [Touch of Ice]Translation
Il suon dei corni s'udirà
Il vento mi guiderà (Reprise) [Wind In My Hair (Reprise)]Translation
Il vento mi guiderà [Wind In My Hair]Translation
Ilabas Mo [Let it go]Translation
Imagem a Refletir [Reflection]
Imagine Ita
Impara a fischiettar [Whisle While You Work]
În acea zi de decembrie [Once Upon A December]Translation
In die ferne Welt [Part of Your World (Reprise)]Translation
In die weide Wöd [Into the Unknown]Translation
In die weite Welt [Into the Unknown] (Mel Spirit)Translation
In die weite Welt [Into the Unknown] (Suaz)Translation
In igniTranslation
In ITALIANO "I'm just Ken" - Barbie - OST COVER
In ITALIANO "JoJo - Sono Chi no Sadame" - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
In ITALIANO "Other Friends" - Steven Universe The Movie
In ITALIANO "Rainbow Connection"
In ITALIANO "Teen Titans"
In ITALIANO "The NeverEnding Story"
In ITALIANO "The Other Side" - The Greatest Showman
In ITALIANO "They're only human" - Death Note The Musical
In ITALIANO "Toss a coin to your Witcher"
In ITALIANO "What's NEW, Scooby-Doo?"
In mir steckt mehr [More Of Me]
In Terra Ignotum [Into the Unknown]
In the Rain [Dia de lluvia]
Incantatio Curationis [Healing Incantation]Translation
Indrìo torném [We Know The Way]Translation
Into The Unknown [In 12 Uralic Languages]
Into unknowe lands [Into the Unknown]Translation
Io amo te [Lava]
Io sarò lì [Ahí estaré]Translation
Ire Volo [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Irgalmasho sizno [God help the outcasts] - Romani
Iridis Connexus [Rainbow Connection]
Isipin Mo Ako POP [Remember Me POP]Translation
It's a B-Movie (Fanmade Russian Voiceover)
Ity aho [Let It Go]
Já Passou [Let It Go (pop)] (European Portuguese)Translation
Já passou [Let It Go]Translation
Ja sam Moana [I am Moana]
Jack's Lament (Cantonese)
Jaé to la unknon [Into the Unknown] (Glacian)Translation
Jag den Wind [Touch the Sky]Translation
Jak Peulheuh [Let It Go]
Je ne sais pas tout [I Seek the Truth]
Jé ön Moana [I Am Moana] (Xynder)Translation
Je přede mnou [How Far I'll Go]
Je suis libre [Let It Go]Translation
Je voudrais un bonhomme de neige (Reprise) [Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Reprise 2)]
Jednog davnog decembra [Once Upon A December]Translation
Jen Liber' [Let It Go]
Ještě dál se dám [How Far I'll Go]
Jo mateixa i jo [Me, Myself and I]
Jo sóc igual que tu [I Am A Girl Like You]
Jo vaig fins on? [How Far I'll Go]Translation
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Opening (Ukrainian)
Jotain vielä on [Into the Unknown]Translation
Jsem tu s tebou [When We're Together]
Jump Up, Super Star! (Catalan)
Junto a ti [Space Between]
Juntos celebrando [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]Translation
Just around the riverbend | self written lyrics (for Felicia Goldfire's contest)Translation
K'luarlah [Show Yourself]
Ka 'Alu Au [How Far I'll Go (Reprise)]Translation
Kahayang Abdi [This Wish]
Kan lé feld la amor jaé la nuit? [Can You Feel the Love Tonight?] (Glacian)Translation
Kao narhu shigo? [Chains on Me] (Crootch )Translation
Kau akan temukan semua [All is Found]Translation
Ke Alam Baru [Into the Unknown (Pop)]
Ke Arah Sana [Into the Unknown]
Ke Dunia Luar [Into the Unknown]Translation
Ke tempat asing [Into the Unknown (End credits)]
Ke tempat asing [Into the Unknown] (Fika Hime)
Ke tempat asing [Into the Unknown] (Mochibie)Translation
Ke tempat asing [Into the Unknown] (not full)Translation
Kefaya (كفاية) [Let it go]Translation
Khulule [Let it go]Translation
Kiam Ĉio Estis Bona [Once Upon A December]Translation
Kiam Ekos Mia Vivo [When Will My Life Begin?]Translation
Kim Possible Intro (German)Translation
Kiom Iros Mi? [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Kita sangat gembira [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]Translation
Klar will ich einen Schneemann bauen [Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Reprise 1)]
Know Who You Are (Austronesian Cover)Translation
Know Who You Are (Indonesian)Translation
Know Who You Are (Peruvian Spanish)
Know Who You Are: 9 Endangered Minority Languages CollabTranslation
Ko au ko Moana [I Am Moana]Translation
Ko e Hala [We Know The Way]Translation
Ko han [Know who you are]Translation
Ko han? Petute àcshel [Know Who You Are] (Lovari Gypsy)Translation
Kó Sekóû [Let It Go]Translation
Ko si ti? na tebi [Know Who You Are]Translation
Koi au Vaiana [I am Moana]Translation
Kom ons bou saam 'n sneeuman [Do You Want to Build a Snowman?]Translation
Konkurantaj kun la vento [Touch the Sky]Translation
Konna tant magħquda [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]Translation
Konu Vi Mem [Know Who You Are]Translation
Kristoffs Schlaflied [Kristoff Lullaby]
Kuduntulād Kālbecō [Healing Incantation] (Mervian)Translation
Kuminang [Shiny]
Kun la Vento [Touch the Sky]Translation
Kur ne kishim Krishtlindje [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]Translation
L'Ammore Arape 'E Porte [Love Is Αn Open Door]Translation
L'amore dura [How Does a Moment Last Forever?]Translation
L'amore è una canzone [BAmbi]
L'amore mostrerà la via [Into the Open Air]Translation
L'aria e i so cołur [Colors of the Wind]
L'infrangersi azzurro [How Far I'll Go]Translation
L'ultimo Addio [The Last Goodbye]
La canzone di Davy Jones
La Estaggiun Festiva [Ring in the Season] (Perciscan)Translation
La Hula [The Hula Song]
La klokké ein Notre Dam (Reprise) [The Bells Of Notre Dame (Reprise)] (Glacian)Translation
La klokké ein Notre Dam [The Bells Of Notre Dame] (Glacian)Translation
La Llorona
La Llorona (Hungarian)Translation
La luce sei tu [The Glow]
La màgia de dintre [The Magic Inside]
La noche cae [Night Falls]
La porta de l'amor [Love Is Αn Open Door]
La Reprise D'Alastor [Alastor's Reprise]Translation
La seconda stella a destra [Pinocchio]
La Storia Infinità cantata in Italiano
La tirolese dei nani [Snow White and The Seven Dwarves]
La vida va (Reprise) [Life's Too Short (Reprise)]
La vida va [Life's Too Short]
La vie est trop courte (Reprise) [Life's Too Short (Reprise)]
La vie est trop courte [Life's Too Short]
La Voy A Cruzar [Crossing The Line] (Male version)Translation
Laat Dit Gaan [Let it go]Translation
Laat het los, laat het gaan [Let It Go]Translation
Lâchez-le [Let It Go]Translation
Larb oh wibbs berb [Part of Your World] (Simlish)
Lass jetzt los [Let It Go]Translation
Lasse Los [Let It Go] (Xynder)Translation
Lasso I' [Let It Go POP]Translation
Lasso I' [Let It Go]Translation
Lasu ĝin [Let It Go]Translation
Låt det gro [Let It Go] (Not full)Translation
Låt det Ske [Let It Go]Translation
Låt det ske, låt dom se (Scanian) [Let It Go]Translation
Lava (Catalan)
Lava (Filipino)Translation
Lavanna Blu (Core Core) [Lavender's Blue]Translation
Le temps nous manque [Life's Too Short (Reprise)]
Let go (lah) [Let It Go] (Singlish)Translation
Let It Go (11 UK multilanguage)
Let It Go (25 conlang multilanguage)
Let it go (Mongolian)Translation
Letjeti želim ja [Touch the Sky]
Libardade [Let It Go] (Mirandese)
Libera [Let It Go]Translation
Liberâ-s [Let it go]Translation
Liberata, Deliberata [Let it go]
Libere [Let It Go]Translation
Līberē [Let It Go]Translation
Liberes' (IDO) [Let It Go]Translation
Līberī [Breaking Free]
Liberigu [Let It Go]Translation
Libero [Let it go]Translation
Līberō [Let It Go]Translation
Libero, Liberu [Let It Go]Translation
Libertà (2) [Let it go]
Libertà [Let It Go]Translation
Libertà, lberdade [Let It Go]
Liberum [Let It Go]Translation
Libre eso (Perciscan) [Let It Go]Translation
Libre por fin [Part of Your World]Translation
Libri me [Let It Go] (Lingua Franca Nova)Translation
Lieten wij kerst van start gaan [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]Translation
Lig é Dul [Let It Go]Translation
Liure Soi [Let It Go]Translation
Livet är kort [Life's Too Short]Translation
Livre eso [Let it go] (Perciscan)Translation
Livre Estou POP [Let It Go POP]
Livre estou [Let It Go]Translation
Ljubav poput sunca je [Into the Open Air]Translation
Ljubičice, tratinčice [Lavender's Blue]Translation
Llegaré [How Far I'll Go]
Lliure soc [Let It Go]
Lliure Sóc [Let It Go] (Valencian)
Lliure [Free]
Lo mieu destin [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Lo que fue [All is Found]Translation
Lo tenemos [We Got This]
Lód w lece [In Summer]
Loială, curajoasă, onestă [Loyal Brave True]Translation
Long Shot Party (Ukrainian)
Love Is An Open Door (Armenian)Translation
Love Is Αn Open Door (20 conlang multilanguage)
Loyal Brave Sincère [Loyal Brave True]Translation
Loyal Brave True (Japanese)
Loyal Brave True (Vietnamese)
Löydän sen [Show Yourself]Translation
Lu vive en ti [He Lives In You]Translation
Lugi ca ara a brillai POP [Let it go POP] (Sardinian)Translation
Lugi ca ara a brillai [Let It Go] (Sardinian)Translation
Lui die klokkie [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]Translation
Luna Azul [Desert Moon]Translation
Luoitte Ain [Let It Go] (Northern Sami)
Luoitte dal [Let it go]
Læt hit gán [Let It Go] (Steve the vagabond and silly linguist)Translation
Lǣt hit gān [Let It Go] (TranslatorCarminum)
M'Arricordo [I Remember]Translation
Ma maison [Home]
Magpakita ka [Show Yourself]Translation
Māhalō [You're Welcome]Translation
Mai arrendersi [Try Everything]
Mais je suis plus qu’un joker [ More Than Just The Spare]
Mais Longe eu Vou (Reprise) [How Far I'll Go (Reprise)]Translation
Mais Longe eu Vou [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Majkajto na [Let it go]
Malaya Na [Let It Go]
Mam Już Dość (Repryza) [Life's Too Short (Reprise)]
Mam Już Dość [Life's Too Short]
Mammeta 'o sape (Reprise) [Mother Knows Best (Reprise)]Translation
Mammeta 'o sape [Mother Knows Best]Translation
Mana Riksiyman [Into The Unknown] (Chanka/Ayacucho Quechua)
Mararating ko [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Más que el sobrante [More Than Just The Spare]
Más que un reemplazo seré [More Than Just The Spare]
Maximo Hospitio [Be Our Guest]
Me hom Vaiana [I am Moana]Translation
Me hom Vaiana [I Am Moana] (Lovari Gypsy)
Mé livré, ouais livré [Let it go] (Glacian)Translation
Menanti Keajaiban [Waiting On A Miracle]Translation
Mencari jalan [Into the Unknown]Translation
Mi Bedaŭras (Dua) [Life's Too Short (Reprise)]Translation
Mi lé lib’ [Let It Go]
Mi volas esti nun reĝon [I Just Can't Wait To Be King]Translation
Micuyoki feykroch Vinni-Pukhdum (Crootch) - remastered lyrics [The new adventures of Winnie the Pooh]Translation
Micuyoki feykroch Vinni-Pukhdum (Crootch) [The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (Intro)]Translation
Mii Diehtit Geaidnu (We Know The Way) [Northern Sami]Translation
Mimi Moana [I Am Moana]Translation
Mira una estrella fugaz (When You Wish Upon a Star)
Miraculous Ladybug Anime Opening
Moana Waialiki [An Innoncent Warrior]Translation
Moana: 24 Austronesian Languages Multi-language [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Moito máis alá [Into the Unknown]Translation
Mom Moc [Let It Go]Translation
Monster [Monster]
Monstre [Monster]
Monstruo 2 [Monster]
Monstruo [Monster]
Mostra-te [Show Yourself]Translation
Mostrati [Show Yourself]Translation
Mother Knows Best (Literal Parody)
Motu Nui [Where You Are]Translation
Muda [Speechless (Full)]Translation
Muéstrate [Show Yourself]
Mukavel jhif [Let it go]
Mundō Novō [A Whole New World]
Mundus pateat [This is Halloween]Translation
Mużām men hāċī [Into The Unknown] (Mervian)Translation
Na rùa ca la sèita giràr [Circle of Life]Translation
Najua Nitafanikiwa [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Najua Tutafanikiwa [How Far I'll Go (Reprise)]Translation
Näkyköön [Let It Go]Translation
Naməlum tərəfə [Into the Unknown]Translation
Naməlum Yerə [Into the Unknown]Translation
Narboo Choo Kiebso [Into the Unknown] (Simlish)
Nasa'n ka [Show Yourself]Translation
Nasi'no [Let It Go] (Bicol)
Navegaré Finalmente [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Ne Parolu Pri Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno]Translation
Në të panjohurën [Into the Unknown]Translation
Nech to být [Let It Go]Translation
Nech to být [Let It Go] (Czech)
Nech to být, Nech to být [Let It Go]
Neznámému vstříc [Into the Unknown]
Ni ydy'r Crystal Gems [We are the Crystal Gems]Translation
Nicht zu spät [Life's too Short]Translation
Nie trymaj (Не трымай) [Let It Go]Translation
Nisam zaljubljena ja [I Won't Say (I'm In Love)]Translation
Nive Signa Statuamus [Do You Want to Build a Snowman?]Translation
No es parla d'en Bruno [We Don’t Talk About Bruno]
No es vivir (Reprise) [Life's Too Short (Reprise)]
No es vivir [Life's Too Short]
No puc esperar per ser rei (I just can't wait to be king)
No se parla de Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno]Translation
No stào zita [Speechless]Translation
No, ni una cosa cambiaría yo [Wouldn't Change A Thing]
Nobilis Albulus [Edelweiss]Translation
Nocte Amīcā Amantibus
Nombrame [What's My Name]
Nōn loquendum est dē Brūnō [We Don't Talk About Bruno]
Non Me Amare Dicam [I Won't Say (I'm In Love)]Translation
Non si può [Life's Too Short]Translation
Nou se yonn [We Are One]Translation
Novum Somnium [I See the Light]Translation
Nu-mi mai pasâ di iy sau di tryecut [Let It Go]Translation
Ny Aina aho [I Am Moana]Translation
Ny mandoko ny rivotra [Colors of the Wind]
O'zimni sevaman! [Let It Go]Translation
Odraz [Reflection]Translation
Odwrotne Zaklęcie (Mroku, zaćmij blask) [Reverse Incantation]Translation
Odwrotne Zaklęcie (Obróć życie w pył) [Reverse Incantation]Translation
Oggi, dopo tanto tempo [For the First Time in Forever]Translation
Oggi, per la prima volta [For the First Time in Forever]Translation
Olim in Decembro [Once Upon A December]Translation
Oltre l'arcobalenoTranslation
Oltre l'Arcobaleno (Over the Rainbow italian version)
Oltre l'orizzonte [How Far I'll Go]Translation
On amigo cofà mi! [Friend Like Me]
Once Upon a Dream - Italian selfmade lyrics
One Jump Ahead (Reprise 2) (Glacian)Translation
One Jump Ahead (Reprise) (Glacian)Translation
Öní nüs Xynt [Part of Your World] (Helven Xynder)Translation
Ont Anarai [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Onurlu, Sadık ve Cesur [Loyal Brave True]Translation
Oogie Boogie 之歌 [Oogie Boogie’s Song] (Oogie Boogie Jī Gō)Translation
Opustiti u Opustia [Let It Go] (Karaychian)Translation
Ordo Saeclorum [Circle of Life]Translation
Ot' os woc [Let It Go] (High Atlantean)
Other Friends (Korean)
Other Friends [Brazilian Portuguese]
Ovaj dan će biti savršen [Making Today a Perfect Day]Translation
Oyahnma Ki Wapa (Reprise) (Circle of Life) [Tankonga]Translation
Oyahnma Ki Wapa / Nants' Ingonyama (Circle of Life) [Tankonga]Translation
P'a Primma Vota 'A Sempe (Reprise) [For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)]Translation
P'a Primma Vota 'A Sempe [For the First Time in Forever]Translation
Pag Tungo Ko sa Malayo [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Pagsapit ng Disyembre [Once Upon A December]
Para o mundo eu vou [Into the Unknown]Translation
Parecerte A Mí [Evil Like Me]Translation
Pars Istae Terrae [Part of Your World]Translation
Part d'aquell món [Part of Your World]
Part del Teu Món [Part of Your World (Reprise)]
Part del teu món [Part of Your World]
Part of My World
Part of your world (Tamil)Translation
Parte di me [Part of Your World]
Parte di me [Part of Your World]
Pe chi 'o sape arò [Into the unknown]Translation
Peligroso es soñar [Dangerous to Dream]
Per Lei [Her Voice]
Pèr me, Vaiana [I Am Moana]Translation
Pero ako, Mahal kita [Know Who You Are]Translation
Però què més puc fer? [What Else Can I Do?]
Pertama kali di hidupku (Reprise) [For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)]
Pertama kali di hidupku [For the First Time in Forever]
Phineas and Ferb - Intro (Latvian Fandub)Translation
Pietas [Into the Open Air]Translation
Pillats [Busted]
Pilupedō [All Is Found] (Mervian)Translation
Plus qu'une roue de secours [More Than Just The Spare]
Po phirdo drom phiresz [We Know the Way] (Lovari Gypsy)
Po sa primu borta [For the First Time in Forever] (Sardinian)Translation
Poljubac ljubavi [True Love's Kiss]Translation
Poprvé za dobu věčnou (Repríza) [For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)]Translation
Poprvé za věčnost celou [For the First Time in Forever]
Por primera vez en años [For the First Time in Forever]Translation
Por Unufoje en Eternon Dua [For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)]Translation
Pour la première fois depuis longtemps [For the First Time in Forever]Translation
Preparats V2 [Be Prepared]
Preparats [Be Prepared]
Presse [Surface Pressure]Translation
Pripensado [Reflection]Translation
Pronti Stè [Be Prepared]Translation
Proud of your boy Italian fandub
Pučine zov [How Far I'll Go POP]Translation
Pudrí mi corazón [Rotten to the Core]
Può Vulà [Touch the Sky]Translation
Pusti sve (Let It Go)Translation
Pusti Sve [Let it go] (Croatian/Bosnian)Translation
Pusti to [Let It Go]Translation
Qorda o'ynaylik, opajon [Do You Want to Build a Snowman?]
Quaccosa E Nuovo [Something There]Translation
Quan m’estimava [When She Loved Me]
Quand nous rêvons [If You Can Dream]Translation
Quando (Someday - italian new version)
Quando estamos juntos [When We're Together]Translation
Qŭando mea vita cumempzarà [When Will My Life Begin?] (Perciscan)
Quando siamo insieme [When We're Together]Translation
Quando stiamo insieme [When We're Together]Translation
Quanno Stamme 'Nzieme [When We're Together]Translation
Que arriba el meu moment [Let It Go]
Que el sol brille otra vez [Will the Sun Ever Shine Again]Translation
Que hai máis alá [How Far I'll Go (Reprise)]
Que hai máis alá [How Far I'll Go]
Que hi ha en l’amistat [A True, True Friend]
Què hi ha més enllà [How Far I'll Go]
Quem eu sou? [Into the Unknown]Translation
Quem Tu És [Know Who You Are]Translation
Questus T. Taphiī [Jack's Lament]
Qui es de vertat [Know Who You Are]Translation
Qui je suis, c'est celle-ci [This Is Me]
Qui sum Moana [I Am Moana]Translation
Qui sum Moana [I Am Moana] PreviewTranslation
Quid Est? [What's This?]
Quizás - Balada [Someday - Ballad]
Quizás [Someday]
Rao chalong nai thetsakan (เราฉลองในเทศกาล) [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]Translation
Rapunzel's Song but Quarantine Style
Ready as I'll ever be (Finnish)Translation
Reamikiĝas [Into the Open Air]Translation
Redo För Det Som Ska Ske [Ready As I'll Ever Be]Translation
Reflection (Swahili)Translation
Reflection (Vietnamese)Translation
Rēgillæ Carmen [Sally's Song]
Regnar per fi [Queen of Mean]
Reina de Mart [Queen of Mars]
Reina del mal [Queen of Mean] (Abryl Ardans)
Reina del mal [Queen of Mean] (Hitomi Flor)
Reina del mal [Queen of Mean] (Tami Rosales)
Reina Vil [Queen of Mean]
Relâche-le [Let It Go]Translation
Relinquam me' curas [Let It Go]
Révèle-Toi [Show Yourself]Translation
Reverse Incantation (Korean)Translation
Reverse Incantation (Portuguese) (Logo vai murchar)
Reverse Incantation (Portuguese) (Murche até cair)
Reverse Incantation (Portuguese) (Seque e perca a cor)
Reverse Incantation (Russian)Translation
Reverse Incantation (Spanish) (Morir y decaer)
Reverse Incantation (Spanish) (Ruina y destrucción)
Reviva esa magia [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]Translation
Ricordami [Remember Me POP]Translation
Rígid [Rusted]
Ring it together [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]
Romeo, el gato salvadego [Thomas O'Malley]
S-ciòca [Shiny]Translation
Sa dako pa roon ng ilog [Just Around The Riverbend]
Sa Disyembreng Lumipas [Once Upon A December]Translation
Sa faxesimo on puòto? [Do you wanna build a snowman?]Translation
Sa kawalan [Into the Unknown]Translation
Sa Unang Pagkakataon Reprise [For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)]Translation
Sa Unang Pagkakataon [For the First Time in Forever]Translation
Sabes Cossí Ès Tu [Know Who You Are]Translation
Sad je kraj [Let It Go POP]Translation
Sagyanka (Remember) [Tankonga]Translation
Sallys Sang [Sally's Song]
Sånn Er Halloween [This Is Halloween]Translation
Sansvoix (Part 1) [Speechless (Part 1)] (Glacian)Translation
Sansvoix (Part 2) [Speechless (Part 2)] (Glacian)Translation
Sărbătoarea înșepe [Ring in the Season (Reprise)] (Moldovan Romanian)Translation
Sarò parte di quel mondo?(ripresa)[Part of Your World]
Sarò parte di quel mondo?[Part of Your World]
Satu Lompatan (Reprise 2) [One Jump Ahead (Reprise 2)]
Satu Lompatan (Reprise) [One Jump Ahead (Reprise)]
Schweigen (Teil 1) [Speechless (Part 1)]Translation
Sé como un villano [Chillin' Like a Villain]
Se fossi ancora qui con me [If I Could Take That Moment Back]Translation
Se una stella sognerai [When You Wish Upon A Star]Translation
Seht die Edle [Queen Anointed]
Selv vir ikk tël om Bŕu'no (We don't talk about Bruno) - Fragment [MODNSKER]Translation
Sempre [Speechless]Translation
Semptes braggèn asiora? [Can You Feel the Love Tonight?] (Perciscan)
Semua Telah Ditemukan [All is Found]
Sèna Scartà: "Anca a supa ła sonarà
Sent l'amor aquesta nit, - POP (Can you feel the love tonight)
Sentis Noctis Amores? [Can You Feel the Love Tonight?]Translation
Serlahkan [Show Yourself]Translation
Sesendok Gula [A Spoonful of Sugar]Translation
Setia Berani Jujur [Loyal Brave True]Translation
Seus ärr Kjottjé [How Far I'll Go] (Xynder)Translation
Sevī nī cat [Let It Go] (Merthucian)Translation
Shaman King Opening (Ukrainian)
Shiny (Kannada) (Version 1)
Shiny (Mongolian)Translation
Shinzou wo Sasageyo ita
Show Yourself (Anna at the coronation)
Si heureux pour toujours [Ever Ever After]
Si m’estimes tu per mi [If You Love Me For Me]
Si sólo [If Only]
Sicut Aurae Varia [Colors of the Wind]Translation
Siente 'a voce (Parta 1) [Speechless (Part 1)]Translation
Siente 'a voce (Parta 2) [Speechless (Part 2)]Translation
Siente 'a voce [Speechless - Full Version]Translation
Siente el amor aquí (Can you feel the love tonight)
Simba [Spirit (Soundtrack)] (Glacian)Translation
Sincera, Corajosa E Leal [Loyal Brave True]
Sing you secret song [Into the Unknown]
Slå dig fri [Let It Go POP]Translation
Slå dig loss [Let It Go]Translation
Slå dig loss, slå dig fri [Let It Go]Translation
Slepp deg laus, slepp alt laus [Let It Go]Translation
Slipp deg løs, slipp alt løs [Let It Go]Translation
Smile italian
Snart är det jag som är kung [I Just Can't Wait To Be King] (Scanian)Translation
Sóc la Lindana i em vull divertir [I'm Lindana And I Wanna Have Fun]
Soi la Moana [I Am Moana]Translation
Solo esta noche [Night Falls]
Sonic SatAm Intro (Turkish)Translation
Sono Vaiana! [I Am Moana]Translation
Sorgerò [Let It Go]Translation
Sorobeón [Let it go] (Kereliyanese)Translation
Sou a Moana [I Am Moana]
Sou a Moana [I Am Moana] (Moana's Part)Translation
Sou a Moana [I am Moana] European PortugueseTranslation
Soun it bra [Let It Go] (Simlish)
South Park Intro (Russian) (South Park Intro)
Soviet Tetris (44 constructed languages)Translation
Speechless (full) || Self-Written Italian
Spiegelbeeld [Reflection]Translation
Spirit (Glacian)Translation
Što če rijeka donjeti [Just Around The Riverbend]Translation
Su mondu es mi familia [The World es Mi Familia] (Sardinian)Translation
Suaraku (Part 1) [Speechless (Part 1)]Translation
Sub Pelago [Under the Sea]Translation
Suddenly [Let It Go]
Suéltalo [Let It Go POP]Translation
Suo priymiytz [Let It Go]
Super Astra [Touch the Sky]Translation
Szabadon [Let It Go]Translation
Tää on Halloween [This Is Halloween]
Tak chciał los (Let it go - Alternative Polish version)Translation
Tandem Dēnique Dēmumque [For the First Time in Forever]Translation
Tantara fahiny [Beauty and the Beast]Translation
Tara, gawa tayo ng snowman [Do You Want to Build a Snowman?]
Tawal ng Paghilom [Healing Incantation]Translation
Te caerás [It's Goin' Down]
Te Fiti [Know Who You Are]Translation
Te ke 'ilo 'oku ke [Know Who You Are]Translation
Te u sio (Reprise) [How Far I'll Go (Reprise)]Translation
Te u sio [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Tempo non ho [Life's Too Short (Reprise)]Translation
Tenei ao hou [Into the unknown] PréviaTranslation
Tèngiu una baga noa [Love Is Αn Open Door] (Sardinian)Translation
Tersingkap [All is Found]Translation
Tetap Ku Menari [I Will Always Dance]
Tetaplah kau yakin [The Next Right Thing]Translation
The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy (Catalan)
The Cleveland Show Intro (Español Latino)
They Live In You (Persian)Translation
They're only human - Death Note The Musical (cover ita)
This Day Aria (Catalan)
This Is Halloween (28 constructed languages)
This Is Halloween (Hungarian)Translation
This Wish || Italian Self-Written Lyrics
Tiada yang Berubah [Some Things Never Change]
Titus Miser [Poor Jack]
Tocai s'artu de is celus [Touch the Sky] (Sardinian)Translation
Todo comeza agora [When Will My Life Begin? (Reprise)]Translation
Todo lo intentaré [Try Everything]
Tóny zvonu (Repríza) [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]
Tóny zvonu [Ring in the Season]
Toque singular [Touch of Ice]Translation
Toss a coin to your witcher [alternative ITA vers.]
Tot Un Món Nou [A Whole New World]
Tout essayer [Try Everything]
Träum' von Morgen (Ashita Wo Yume Mite) (Detective Conan Ending 17)Translation
Träumen birgt Gefahr [Dangerous to Dream]
Triumphus Aladdini [Prince Ali]
Trop dangereux de rêver [Dangerous to Dream]
Try Everything (Chinese)Translation
Try Everything - Collab part {Italian fanmade version}
Tso Kiag Mus [Let It Go POP]
Tso Kiag Mus [Let It Go]
Tú eres tú [You're You]
Tū es malus, domine Grinch [You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch]
Tu pensa en mi [Remember Me]Translation
Tú vives en mí [You and Me ]
Tukufu Mwangani [Let It Go]
Tukuna [Let it go]
Tulou Tangaloa [Tulou Tagaloa]Translation
Tundukan [Show Yourself]Translation
Tungo sa kawalan [Into the Unknown]
Tunjukkan [Show Yourself] (Everywhere)Translation
Tunjukkan [Show Yourself] (M Arifin)
Tunjukkan [Show Yourself] (Malay)Translation
Tunjukkan [Show Yourself] (min chan)
Tunjukkan [Show Yourself] (Nina)Translation
Tuto nun cunviâ [Some Things Never Change] (Perciscan)
U neznan svijet [Into the Unknown]Translation
U svetu tom [Part of Your World]Translation
Ubi simul sumus [When We're Together]Translation
Udara [Speechless (Part 2)]Translation
Ülimalt Särav [Ultraluminary]Translation
Ululōnis Carmen [Oogie Boogie's Song]
Uma Vez em Dezembro [Once Upon A December]Translation
Uma vida tão divina [Wonderful Life]
Un bes d’amor [One Kiss]
Un beso [One Kiss]
Un día Borracho te mereces tu [We're making today a perfect day]
Un dia més de sol [Another day of sun]
Un enemic [My Nemesis]
Un nuvo invreo [A Whole New World] (Perciscan)
Un passo col piede giusto [A Step in the Right Direction]
Un Salt (Repetició 2) [One Jump Ahead (Reprise 2)]
Un toque de frialdad [Touch of Ice]Translation
Una nuova stella [Let it go]Translation
Una platja tinc [Backyard Beach]
Unu dimòniu innotzenti [Know Who You Are] (Sardinian)Translation
Unu mondu nou [How Far I'll Go] (Sardinian)Translation
Unufoje en eternon [For the First Time in Forever]Translation
Urla dentro di me [Into the Unknown]Translation
Valhalla Calling
Vállara, Féittáhas [Let It Go] (Laefêvëši)
Vamos a arrasar [It's Goin' Down]
Väntar på min tur [Waiting in the Wings]Translation
Vapaa Oon [Let It Go]Translation
Vapaus [Let It Go]Translation
Ve biz her zaman mutlu olacağız [Ring in the Season (Reprise)]Translation
Vele Ir alth [Let It Go] (Athlin)
Vem fazer bonecos de neve [Do You Want to Build a Snowman?]Translation
Verso l'ignoto [Into the Unknown]
Vete Así [Walk Away]
Vi estos en mian koron [You'll Be In My Heart]Translation
Vi tale ikke om Bruno [We Don't Talk About Bruno]Translation
Vieda Istoría [Beauty and the Beast] (Perciscan)
Viri et Vos [I'll Make a Man Out of You]Translation
Virum nivis facere vis? [Do You Want to Build a Snowman?]
Vīsne Nivis Virum Novum? [Do You Want to Build a Snowman?]Translation
Vita mea hodie incipit [When Will My Life Begin? (Reprise)]Translation
Vita Sole Clarior (Reprise) [For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)]Translation
Vita Sole Clarior [For the First Time in Forever]Translation
Voi volar [Let it go] (Aranese)
Vòl volar [Let It Go]Translation
Volabo [Touch the Sky]Translation
Volaré [I'll Fly]
Volle maan [Desert Moon]Translation
Voor het eind van de rivier [Just Around The Riverbend]Translation
Vorrei tuffarmi nella neve [Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Reprise 1)]
Vou alcançar (Reprise) [How Far I'll Go (Reprise)]
Vou alcançar [How Far I'll Go]
Vou até o fim [Into the Unknown]Translation
Voy Contigo [I Am With You]Translation
Vuelie / Schenk uns Sonnenschein [Vuelie/Let the Sun Shine On]
W Nieznane [Into the Unknown]Translation
W Oncet Ljotja (Gjeddelav) [For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)] (Xynder)Translation
W Oncet Ljotja [For the First Time in Forever] (Xynder)Translation
W tojemniczy świot [Into The Unknown] (Kuyavian)Translation
Wacht maar af totdat ik koning ben [I Just Can't Wait to Be King]Translation
Walang imik [Speechless (Full)]Translation
Was glaubst du, was Liebe ist? [What Do You Know About Love?]
We Know The Way (Malagasy)
We need to build a snowman [Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Reprise 2)]
Wewe Pia [Know Who You Are]Translation
Weykook [Let It Go] (Yurok)Translation
What a wonderful world versione italiana
Wie weit i geh Reprise [How Far I'll Go (Reprise)]Translation
Wie weit i geh [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Winnie the Pooh (Opening) (Catalan)
Wir befreien uns [Breaking Free]
Wo keiner war [How Far I'll Go]Translation
Wys jouself [Show Yourself]Translation
Xa pasou, libre son [Let It Go]
Xa sabes quen es [Know Who You Are]
Xatirələr Bu Çayda [All is Found]Translation
Xe tanto mèjo e Renne [Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People]Translation
Yes, I want to build a snowman [Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Reprise 2)]
Yo lo haré [Try Everything]
Yo soy Moana [I Am Moana] (Peruvian Spanish) (Moana's part)
Yun Noveau Monde (2019) [A Whole New World] (Glacian)Translation
Yun Noveau Monde [A Whole New World] (Glacian)Translation
Yιός του Aνθρώπου (Yiós tou Anthrópou) [Son of Man]Translation
Zag di mia [Show Yourself]Translation
Zhanas o drom(Finale) [We know the way(Finale)]Translation
Žít krátce [Life's Too Short]
Známa Po Celej Zemi [Ultraluminary]Translation
Znojde Cį [Show Yourself] (Kuyavian)Translation
Zu mir [True Love]
[Collab] Part Of Your World (Reprise) w/ Self-Written Lyrics
¡Inténtalo! [Try Everything]
Łodpuść już [Let It Go] (Kuyavian Polish)Translation
ŋav söyél [Be Prepared]Translation
Αλήθεια πια [I Seek the Truth] (Alíthia pia)Translation
Αὕτη ἔσθ' ἡ ζωή [Beauty and the Beast] (Áfti ésth' i zoí)Translation
Ει μη σε εγιγνωσκον [If I Never Knew You] (Ei mi se egignoskon)
Είμαι γω [Let It go] (Tsakonian) (Ime go)Translation
Είς τό Άπτειν Ουρανόν [Touch the Sky] (Eís tó Áptein Ouranón)Translation
Ήταν τόσο ωραία [Ring in the Season (Reprise)] (Itan toso orea)Translation
Θάρρος, Πίστη και Πυγμή [Loyal Brave True] (Thárros, Písti ke Pigmí)Translation
Και ξεχνώ ποπ [Let It Go POP] (Ke xechno)Translation
Κάπου μακριά [Into the Unknown] (Kapou makria)Translation
Λόγος 'Aρχαίος [Beauty and the Beast] (Logos Archaios)Translation
Λόγος Ἀρχαῖος [Beauty and the Beast] (Lógos Archaíos)Translation
Ουδέν φήσω εράν [I Won't Say (I'm In Love)] (Oudén físo erán)Translation
Πότε καινουργήσω τήν ζωήν [When Will My Life Begin?] (Pote kainourgesw ten zwen)Translation
Την οδον πως τελω [Go the Distance POP] (Tin odon pos telo)
Τίς εἶ σύ ἀληθῶς [Know Who You Are] (Tis ei su alethos)Translation
Χρώματα του ανέμου [Colors of the Wind] (Chrómata tou anémou)Translation
Ὥς τò πῦρ Ταρτάρου [Hellfire] (Hṑs tò pỹr Tartárū)Translation
І з цябе я мужчыну зраблю [I'll Make a Man Out of You] (I z ciabie ja mužčynu zrabliu)
Јас Сум Вајана [I Am Moana] (Jas Sum Vajana)Translation
Алдыңа қәдем бас [Let It Go]Translation
Армандаймын (Реприза) [This Wish (Reprise)] (Armandaī̆myn)
Безмълвна [Speechless (Full Version)] (Bezmŭlvna)
Бруно еске алынбайды [We Don't Talk About Bruno]Translation
Будем ждать! (кавер-версия) [Be prepared] (Budem zhdat' (kaver-versija))Translation
Будзе Так! [Be Prepared] (Budzie Tak!)
Будзе так! [Let It Go] (Budzie tak!)Translation
Бәримиз биргемиз [All Of You]
В первый раз за эту вечность - Реприза [For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)] (V pervyy raz za etu vechnost' - Repriza)Translation
В первый раз за эту вечность [For the First Time in Forever] (V pervyy raz za etu vechnost')
Готовы как никогда [Ready As I'll Ever Be] (Gotovy kak nikogda)Translation
Дел од тој свет [Part of Your World] (Del od toj svet)
Дзікія [Savages] (Dzikija)
Дурнем я був [Baka Mitai] (Durnem ya buv)Translation
Ён У Табе [He Lives In You] (Jon U Tabie)
Жеберіп, сен ұмыт [Let it go] (Jeberip, sen umyt)
Зараз Хелловін [This Is Halloween] (Zaraz Khellovin)
И несёт меня парус по гребням морским вперёд [How Far I'll Go] (I nesot menya parus po grebnyam morskim vperod)Translation
Испробуй всё [Try Everything] (Isprobuy vsio)
Кад најависмо празник [Ring in the Season (Reprise)] (Kad najavismo praznik)Translation
Коё бер, унут [Let It Go] Translation
Кыялым менин [This Wish] (Qyjalym menin)
Кэтре адевэр [Into the Unknown] (Moldovan) (Către adevăr)
Люстэрка [Reflection] (Lusterka)Translation
Мадригальлар шаңарағы [The Family Madrigal]
Ми Номер Один [We Are Number One] (My Nomer Odyn)
Миигин ыыт, тутума [Let It Go] (Miigin ııt, tutuma)
Мужизаны күтиў жолында [Waiting On A Miracle]
Мы адно [We Are One] (My adno)
Наjдеш правду | Najdeš pravdu [All Is Found]
Не трывай, не трымай [Let It Go] (Nie tryvaj, nie trymaj)Translation
Нешта ёсьць [Something There] (Niešta jość)
Ну и пусть [Let It Go] (Nu i pust')Translation
Ня Наш [Not One of Us] (Nia Naš)
Остави, пушти ги [Let It Go] (Ostavi, pušti gi)Translation
Оти за прв пат во животот [For the First Time in Forever] (Oti za prv pat vo životot)
Отпустить [Let It Go] (Otpustit')Translation
Просто молча подожду [Waiting in the Wings (Reprise)] (Prosto molcha podozhdu)
Пэўным вечарам снежня [Once Upon A December] (Peŭnym viečaram sniežnia)
Радуга внутри любого беса [Inside of Every Demon is a Rainbow] (Raduga vnutri lyubogo besa)
Реквієм Зрадника [Uragirimono no Requiem] (Rekviyem Zradnyka)
Реприза Аластора [Alastor's Reprise] (Repriza Alastora)
Слепи снеговика мне [Do You Want to Build a Snowman?] (Slepi snegovika mne)
Спре ун ноу оризонт [Into the Unknown] (Moldovan) (Spreu un nou orizont)Translation
Спре ындепэртат [How Far I'll Go] (Spre îndepărtat)Translation
Сцежка да мрой [How Far I'll Go] (Sciežka da mroj)Translation
Сцежка да мрояў [How Far I'll Go] (Sciežka da mrojaŭ)Translation
Сырдуу ааламга [Into the Unknown]Translation
Сырлы дүньяға [Into the Unknown]
Таму е сѐ [How Far I'll Go] (Tamu e se)
Тағы не ете аламан? [What Else Can I Do?]
Тогда зайду я далеко [How Far I'll Go] (Togda zaydu ya daleko)Translation
У Юпэндзі [Upendi] (U Jupendzi)
Ултралуминарна *Serbian* [Ultraluminary]Translation
Ултралуминарна [Ultraluminary]
Усё паспрабуй [Try Everything] (Usio pasprabuj)
Хакуна Матата [Hakuna Matata] (Chakuna Matata)
Хрестоносці Зоряного [Stardust Crusaders] (Khrestonostsi Zoryanoho)
Хутчэй бы мне стаць каралём! [I Just Can't Wait To Be King] (Chutčej by mnie stać karaliom!)
Чаму не? [Let It Go] (Čamu nie?)
Черту Проведу [Crossing the Line] (Chertu Provedu)Translation
Чуеш Ты Каханьня Моц? [Can You Feel the Love Tonight?] (Čuješ Ty Kachańnia Moc?)
Я жду часа своего [Waiting in the Wings] (Ya zhdu chasa svoego)
Я не остановлюсь [How Far I'll Go] (Ya nie ostanovlius')Translation
Қанша узаққа бараман? (Реприза) [How Far I'll Go (Reprise)]
Қанша узаққа бараман? [How Far I'll Go]
Қысымға ҳеш жол жоқ [Surface Pressure]
Ұмытыл, сен ұмтыл [Let it go] (Umytyl, sen umtyl)
Խորհտավոր Դեկտեմբեր [Once Upon A December] (Xorhtavor Dektember)Translation
Կանչը բնության [Colours of the Wind] (Kančʻə bnutʻyan)
Կապրեմ քո հետ [Part of Your World (Reprise)] (Kaprem Ko Het)Translation
Հեռանալ, մոռանալ [Let It Go] (Heṙanal, moṙanal)Translation
Ոսկե թերթ Ծաղիկ [Healing Incantation] (Voske Tert Tsaghik)
אַ נייַע וועלט [A Whole New World] (A Naye Velt)Translation
וויני דער פּו [Winnie the Pooh] (Vini der Pu)Translation
לאָז אַרױס [Let It Go] (Loz Aroys)Translation
اصل [All is Found] (Asl)Translation
خاموش [Speechless (full)] (Khamoosh)Translation
سوی ناشناخته [Into the Unknown (Clips Version)] (Su-ye Nāšenāxte)Translation
سوی ناشناخته [Into the Unknown (End Credit)] (Su-ye Nāšenāxte)Translation
صوتي سيسمع [Speechless (Full)] (Ṣawtī Sayusmaʿu)Translation
كان يوماً جميلاً [Ring in the Season (Reprise)] (Kona yooman jamilan)Translation
للمجهول [Into The Unknown] (Lel Mag-Hool)Translation
لن يسرق صوتي [Speechless]
ما قد كان [Frozen 2 All is found] (Ma qad kan)Translation
نشان ده [Show Yourself] (Nešān Deh)Translation
َتلِكِ، سِرَكِ! [Let it go] (Wuxin Arabic)
जाने दो! [Let It Go] (Jaane do!)Translation
सोदी (Sodi) [Let It Go] (Konkani)
விட்டு கொடுக்க [Let It Go] (Viṭṭu koṭukka)
விட்டு போ [Let It Go] (Vittu po)Translation
ആ മായാലോകത്ത് (Aa Maayalokathu [To The Magical World])
กล้าหาญ ซื่อตรง จริงใจ [Loyal Brave True] (Glâa hăan Sêu dtrong Jing jai)
รอดตายถ้าได้รู้ [Into the Unknown] (Coronavirus Parody) (Rôt dtaai tâa dâai róo)Translation
เงียบเสียง [Speechless (Full version)] (Ngeīyb s̄eīyng)
ຖິ່ນທີ່ບໍ່ຮູ້ຈັກ [Into the Unknown] (Thin thi bohuchak)Translation
ບໍ່ເຊື່ອງ [Let It Go] (Bo sueang)Translation
ແລະເຮັດໃຫ້ຖືກທຸກຢ່າງ [The Next Right Thing] (Lae hedhai thuk thukyang)Translation
ໄກປານໃດນໍ່ [How Far I'll Go] (Kai pandai no)Translation
გაუშვი, დაივიწყე [Let it go] (Gaushvi, daivits'q'e)
あんのままで [Let It Go] (Ishikawan Japanese) (An'no mama de)
ヤィピタ [Let it go] (Yaypita)Translation
一緒時に [When We're Together] (Issho Toki ni)
你個世界嘅一部分 [Part of Your World] (Nei5 Go3 Sai3 Gaai3 Ge3 Jat1 Bou6 Fan6)
天天哈佬喂 [This Is Halloween] (Tīn tīn hā lóu wai)Translation
奧妙境界 [Wind in My Hair]
心有所向 [Beauty and the Beast] (Sam1 Jau5 So2 Hoeng3)
忠 勇 真 [Loyal Brave True] (Zhōng yǒng zhēn)Translation
我如风、任去留 [Let it go] (Wǒ rú fēng, rèn qù liú)Translation
月光照 [Desert Moon] (Jyut6 Gwong1 Ziu3)
月照曙光 [Desert Moon] (Jyut6 Ziu3 Cyu5 Gwong1)
爬开啦 [Let It Go] (Chinese Sichuan dialect)
私に [If Only] (Watashi ni)
説愛 [Rewrite the Stars] (Syut3 Oi3)
謎を通して [Into the Unknown] (Nazo o tōshite)Translation
讓他去 [Let It Go] (Shanghainese) (Nyan yi chi)Translation
願望之火 [A Million Dreams] (Jyun6 Mong6 Zi1 Fo2)
나비 [Butterfly] (Nabi)
완벽한 날을 만들어 줄게 [Making Today a Perfect Day] (Wanbyeoghan nal-eul mandeul-eo julge)
우리 함께 있을 때 [When We're Together] (Uri hamkke it-ssūl ttae)Translation
최선을 다해 [Try Everything] (Choesōnūl dahe)Translation
Non/Disney Fandubs transcription requests
Let It Go (Bisaya) Other 
Let It Go (Macedonian) Macedonian 
Inutile [Worthless] Italian 
Let It Go (Urdu) Urdu 
Let It Go
Let It Go (Chuukese) Chuukese 
Let It Go
Let It Go (Cebuano) Cebuano 
[Let It Go] Luxembourgish Luxembourgish 
Ito Aking Hiling [This Wish] Filipino/Tagalog 
Let It Go (25 languages that missed the hype) English, Other, Abkhaz, Afrikaans, Arabic (other varieties), Bashkir, Frisian, Gaelic (Manx Gaelic), German (Low German), Greenlandic, Italian (Southern Italian dialects), Khmer, Kyrgyz, Malayalam, Manchu, Maori, Marathi, Persian (Dari), Quechua, Sami (North Sámi), Tetum, Tigrinya 
Let It Go
Se puoi sognar (If you can dream) Italian 
Песма за Ноћ Вештица [This Is Halloween] (Pesma za Noć Veštica) Serbian 
Se io fossi ricco Italian 
In ITALIANO "Immortals" - Big Hero 6 Italian 
The Place Where the Lost Things Go (Fandub ita) Italian 
Waiting on a Miracle (Fandub ita) Italian 
Il rap della strega - into the woods Italian 
This Is Me (Italian) Italian 
Alastor's Reprise (Japanese) Japanese 
Shiny (Egyptian Arabic) Arabic (Egyptian) 
Circle of Life [Ingush] Ingush 
We're making today a perfect day (Taiwanese) Chinese 
We Know The Way - Mizo Version Assamese 
Moana (OST)
Chakai-a khaa / Shiny Mizo version. Assamese 
Moana (OST)
Για πάντοτε και πάντα [Far longer than forever] Greek 
How Far I'll Go Emirati Arabic Arabic (other varieties) 
How Far I'll Go
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