Dalida - Ma mère me disait (English translation)

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My mother used to say

My mother used to tell me
If my hair is white
And on my forehead
You can see the mark of time
You that gave me these wrinkles my child
My mother used to tell me
My eyes get a bit greyer
With every sleepless night
I watched over you so much when you were small
La, la, la...
My mother used to tell me
You think you're picking the flower of eternity
But it dies in your hand
And so many things have died in my heart
My mother used to tell me
You'll still have love
You have to give it, expecting nothing in return
All your love, you'll learn one day
That morning when I awoke
I saw my first white hair
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Ma mère me disait

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petit élève    Mon, 03/04/2017 - 15:39

A frightful song about guilt, but another reason to rate Dalida above your average pop singer, in my opinion.