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Come along, Milord!
Sit at my table;
It is so cold, outside,
Here it's comfortable.
Relax, Milord
And make yourself at ease,
Your troubles on my heart
And your feet on a chair
I know you, Milord,
You've never seen me,
I'm just a girl from the docks,
Just a shadow of the street...
Yet, I crossed you,
While you were passing yesterday,
You were so proud,
God! The sky made you perfect:
Your silk scarf
Floating on your shoulders,
You were so beautiful
You could have been mistaken for the king...
You were walking victoriously
A woman on your arm,
My God! ... How beautiful she was...
It makes my blood run cold...
Sometimes it's just enough
For there to be a boat
To make everything fall apart
When the boat leaves...
It brought away with it
The sweet girl with the tender eyes
Who didn't understand
She was ruining your life
Love, makes one cry
And life
Gives you all your chances
To take them back afterwards...
Come along, Milord!
You look like a kid!
Relax, Milord,
Come into my kingdom:
I heal remorse,
I sing romance,
I sing about milords,
who are unlucky!
Look at me, Milord,
You've never seen me before...
...But...You're crying, Milord?
That...I would never have believed it!...
Ah, well, there there, Milord!
Smile at me, Milord!
...Better than that! A bit of effort...
There we are!
Come along, laugh, Milord!
Come along, sing, Milord!
Yes, dance, Milord!
La-la-la... Bravo Milord!
La-la-la... Encore Milord! ... La-la-la...
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mbgmbg    Sun, 06/02/2011 - 09:50

Laissez-vous faire > Leave it to me

DodiadDodiad    Thu, 12/11/2015 - 19:25

“Ça, je l’aurai jamais cru” should be "Ça, je l’aurais jamais cru” (conditional, not future tense).