North Korean National Anthem - 애국가 (Aegukka) (English translation)

North Korean National Anthem - 애국가

아침은 빛나라 이 강산
은금에 자원도 가득한
삼천리 아름다운 내 조국
반만년 오랜 력사에
찬란한 문화로 자라난
슬기론 인민의 이 영광
몸과 맘 다 바쳐 이 조선
길이 받드세
백두산 기상을 다 안고
근로의 정신은 깃들어
진리로 뭉쳐진 억센 뜻
온 세계 앞서 나가리
솟는 힘 노도도 내밀어
인민의 뜻으로 선 나라
한없이 부강하는 이 조선
길이 빛내세
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Patriotic Song

Versions: #1#2
Let morning shine on the silver and gold of this land,
Three thousand leagues packed with natural wealth.
My beautiful fatherland.
The glory of a wise people
Brought up in a culture brilliant
With a history five millennia long.
Let us devote our bodies and minds
To supporting this Korea forever.
The firm will, bonded with truth,
Nest for the spirit of labour,
Embracing the atmosphere of Mount Paektu,
Will go forth to all the world.
The country established by the will of the people,
Breasting the raging waves with soaring strength.
Let us glorify forever this Korea,
Limitlessly rich and strong
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ZKPY_47ZKPY_47    Mon, 29/06/2020 - 13:31

Small correction: 《길이 받드세》isn't "Let the Way be obeyed". Yes, 길이 can mean "the way", but here, 길이 means "forever". 《길이 받드세》 here means "Let us uphold [this Korea] forever."
Same is for 《길이 빛내세》. I'd suggest translating the last two lines as "This Korea, limitlessly rich and strong // Let us glorify it forever."
I also didn't find the translation on the linked Wikipedia article, but looking at page history, I found this old version: which translates these lines more similarly to what I suggested. Actually, their way of translating these lines may be even better in English.

SilentRebel83SilentRebel83    Tue, 30/06/2020 - 00:35

Thank you so much. I've adjusted the translation with the link you provided.

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