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Tàladh Chriosda (Tàladh an slànuighear) (English translation)

  • Artist: Arthur Cormack Featuring artist: Dougie Pincock Also performed by: Meredith Hall, The Barra MacNeils, University of Washington Women's Choir
  • Song: Tàladh Chriosda (Tàladh an slànuighear)
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Gaelic (Scottish Gaelic)
Gaelic (Scottish Gaelic)

Tàladh Chriosda (Tàladh an slànuighear)

Mo ghaol, mo ghràdh is m'eudail thu,
m'iunntas ùr is m'éibhneas thu.
mo mhacan àluinn, ceutach thu
Chan fhiù mi fhèin bhi 'd dhàil
Alleluia (X4)
Mo ghaol an t-sùil a sheallas tlàth,
mo ghaol an cridh 'tha lìont' le gràdh,
ged is leanabh thu gun chàil
is lìonmhor buaidh tha ort a' fàs
Alleluia (X4)
Ged is leanabh dìblidh thu
cinnteach 's Rìgh nan rìghrean thu.
'S tu 'n t-oighre dligheach fìrinneach
air rìoghachd Dhé nan gràs.
Alleluia (X4)
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Song lyrics written some time between 1836 and July 1855 by the RC priest Fr Ranald Rankin. The original title was Tàladh ar Slànuighear (Our Saviour's Lullaby) but it's popularly know as Tàladh Chriosda (Christ's Lullaby).
The complete song text has 29 stanzas, of which the three sung here are numbers 1, 23, and 3.
The song is sung every year on Christmas Eve at midnight mass in churches in Barra, South Uist, and Eriskay.

English translationEnglish
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Christ's Lullaby (Our Saviour's Lullaby)

You are my love, my love and my darling,
you are my treasure and my joy,
you are my beautiful graceful little son.
I am not worthy to be near you.
Allelulia (X4)
My love the eye that gazes kindly,
my love the heart that is filled with love,
althouh you are a baby with nothing at all
there are many strengths growing in you.
Allelulia (X4)
Although you are a helpless baby
you are certainly the King of kings.
You are the true, rightful heir
to the Kingdom of Gracious God.
Allelulia (X4)
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There is a translation in the video, but it's rather loose, and another in Wikipedia not quite so loose, but over-literal in places, eg "God of the graces" is word by word accurate but he's not the God of the graces" (as opposed to God of All) he is "Gracious God" so translating word for word gives the wrong answer. So I thought it was worth producing a better translation than those.

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