Un medico (English translation)

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A Doctor

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As a child, I wanted to heal cherry trees
when – red with fruits – I thought them to be wounded:
to me, health had left them
with the snowy flowers they had lost.
A dream, it was a dream, but it lasted for no short time;
that’s why I swore that I would be a doctor,
and not for a god, nor as a game:
so that cherry trees would be blossoming again,
so that cherry trees would be blossoming again.
And when I was a doctor finally,
I didn’t want to betray the child for the man,
and they came in numbers, and they were called ‟people”,
cherry trees that were ill in every season.
And my colleagues approved, my colleagues were glad
in reading so much desire to love in my heart;
they sent me the best of their customers,
with the diagnosis on their faces, the same for everyone:
‟ill from hunger, unable to pay”.
So I realized, I was forced to realize,
that being a doctor is just a profession,
that you can’t give science to people for free
unless you want to get sick from the same illness,
unless you want the system to starve you.1
And the unerring way is to starve you,
with your kids, your wife despising you;
so, I bottled those snowy flowers,
the label read ‟Youth Elixir”.
And a judge – a judge with a man’s face –
sent me to leaf through sunsets in jail;
useless to the world and to my fingers,
forever branded a swindler and a crook,
‟doctor professor swindler crook”.
  • 1. prendere per fame {take by hunger} = starve sb into sth; cause someone to starve in order to force him to do something (agree with something, surrender, etc.).
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“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.” ― Dalai Lama XIV
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Author's comments:

Non al denaro non all’amore né al cielo {Neither to money, nor to love, nor to heaven} is a concept album that was inspired by Edgar Lee Masters’ Spoon River Anthology.
The man has become a doctor because of his desire – as a child – to help others: trees at first, and then people. Yet, the world completely shatters his dream with its cynicism: a physician must be just like a salesman, being paid for its job instead of working to help others; the “system” makes sure to ruin you if you don’t fit into this scheme.
At first he cures poor people for free, but his colleagues take advantage of this and send him all the poor people. But the doctor has a family to feed, so he starts selling fake “Youth Elixir” and ends up in jail because of that, and there he can no longer help anybody.
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Un medico