Rachid Taha - Ya Rayah (English translation)

English translation

Hey, immigrant

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Hey, immigrant, where are you going?
Sooner or later you will come back exhausted.
Many ignorant people regretted this before you and me
How many overpopulated countries and empty lands have you seen ?
How much time have you wasted ?
How much time have you yet to loose ?
Oh stranger in those foreign lands you've got to give many sacrifices
Destiny and Time follow their course and yet you ignore it that fact of course.
Why is your heart so sad, why are you so miserable like this ?
Hardship will never last and you may learn or build something
Days won't last, just as your youth and mine didn't
Oh poor fellow who missed his chance just as I missed mine
Eh ,traveller let me give you a piece of advice to follow right away
Look out for your best interest before you sell or buy anything
Hey, sleepy one, I've heard about you
What happened to you has happened to me too,
This is it till the heart returns to its Creator.
Submitted by Odile Jain on Wed, 03/08/2016 - 06:33

Ya Rayah