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Zapata Stays

It’s three in the morning,
It is said that a Saint is grieving
In a low voice I hear him saying:
“Walk slowly, ay mama,
Walk slowly”.
My sleepiness says to me:“don’t go”
My legs say to me: “just a little bit”
And suddenly I realize, caramba!*
That I move on little by little, ay mama,
That I move on little by little.
Could it be you Zapata**
The one I listen here,
With your perpetual light
The one I saw in your eyes?
In my mind it can be heard
Telling me this
In my mind it can be heard
Telling me this
By the shade of the ceiba tree
A shotgun is heard
And a black cock fell down
By “Milagros” street
If you say you love me,
Putting everything at stake
And you leave with me
We will take off***
Ay,ay,ay, when I dream about you
The moonlight is outlined
Through my path
Ay, ay,ay, when I dream about you
There’s neither fear nor doubt
About my destiny
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Author's comments:

*Ay mama and caramba are very common expressions in Mexico. Respectively, one is used to express fear (literally: mommy) the other one to express surprise.

**Emiliano Zapata was one of the heroes of the Mexican revolution for his ideals of land reform and fair treatment for Mexico's poor farmers. Some of his most famous quotes are: “Land and Freedom” and “The land belongs to those who work on it”

***Literally to unsettle or to lift the dust: to run away, to escape.

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Zapata se queda

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