Parle-moi (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Nâdiya (Nadia Zighem)
  • Chanson: Parle-moi 8 traductions
  • Traductions : anglais, chinois, grec, hébreu, japonais, russe #1, #2, turc
  • Demandes: polonais
traduction en anglaisanglais


Tell me about your wars
Tell me about your rights
Tell me about this (is here the word pére meant?? pére means father, dad, but i'm not sure what this russian letter means:P)
that beats you so many times
tell me about your fears
tell me i believe you
tell me about your heart
that dies in the fight
snuggled up without sound
the length of the corridor
that where the light
loses and misleads
you fold (or somethng)
lost in the black
begging the man
that kills you with a regard
tell me about journeys of rain
tell me about that what makes your life
tell me about the thousands of cries
that haunts your body and bruises you
tell me bit by bit
keep telling me when everything is said
tell me a bit, i beg you
tell me tell me tell me
{au Refrain}
because today in the back of your room
you redid the bad of your hands that trembled
think of that tomorrow when you'll be great
everything can change tomorrow can surpise you
you can't stay alone here
never give up your life
you can't lock yourself up in the forgetfulness/oblivion
for more then ever you don't beg/implore
{au Refrain, x2}
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