I am Moana [ Ko au ko Moana [I Am Moana] (Tongan Version) ]

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I am Moana

Grandmother Tala:
From the time she was little
She was a special girl
She loved the island and her people
They are proud of her.
Life can be hard
You can get hurt from it
But it can heal again
Because of love.
We will change you
And give you guidance
Nothing will stop
That voice inside you.
If it whispers
Moana, my dear
Moana, give heed
"Do you know who you are?"
Who am I?
I love my island
I love the sea
It calls me
I am the daughter of the chief
We descend from navigators
They voyaged across the world
They call me
I will guide us
To the islands
You guide me
And you call me
But that call is not from without; it's from within
The tide -- rising and then falling
I will keep you all in my memory
Despite whatever happens, I know the way
I am Moana.
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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Ko au ko Moana [I Am Moana] (Tongan Version)

Kui Tala:
Talu mei ho'o kei iiki
Ta'ahine makehe ni
Ne 'ofa'ia 'a e motu mo 'ene kāinga
Nau polepole 'aki 'ia te ia
'E faingata'a'ia e mo'ui ni
'E lava ke lavea ai


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