Le festin (English translation)

  • Artist: Camille (France) (Camille Dalmais)
  • Song: Le festin 18 translations
  • Translations: Chinese, Dutch, English, Filipino/Tagalog, Finnish, French (Haitian Creole), German, Greek, Hungarian 9 more
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The Feast

The dreams of lovers are like good wine
They bring joy or also sorrow
Weakened by hunger I am unhappy
Flying on the street all that I can
Because nothing is for free in life
Hope is a plate far too quickly consumed
I am used to skipping the meal
A solitary thief is sad to eat
In a game so bitter I can't succeed
Because nothing is for free in...
Life... Never will they tell me
That the course of the stars: it's not for me
Let me amaze you and and take my flight
We can finally be happy
The celebration will finally begin
Get out the bottles; end the strife
I lay the table of my new life
I am glad about the idea of this new fate
A life of hiding and then finally free
The feast is on my way
A life of hiding and then finally free
The feast is on my way
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Le festin

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