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Avant qu'elle parte (English translation)

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Before she leaves

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Senseless, insensitive, you love her, yet you flee from her
Senseless, insensitive, you love her yet you flee from her
[First couple - Doomam's]
Forgive me for your endless bouts of insomnia,
Forgive me for your lines and clashes at being inspected
Forgive me for your custody, your searches
Forgive me for having left so early, for having become a musician
For all the times that I forgot to answer to your messages
For all the times that I was supposed to come see you between two-three dates
For all the times that I had to lie to you to avoid being hit by you
For all these times that I doubted your good will
Your mother is a flower watered by your love
To deprive her of it is to kill her so don't shorten her countdown
Tell her that you love her, that you regret your manner of being hot headed
She finds it difficult to get away because your elder brothers are in jail
Is it my wrinkles that prevent me from smiling at her?
I don't want to stay alive long enough to see her die
Your tears sting my wounds, I would like to make you happy
Forever I'll curse the day we bury you
[Chorus- x2]
And even when everyone is against you
She remains your best friend
You would like to tell her what she means to you
Before she passes away
But you don't dare, you don't dare, you don't dare to tell her
But you don't dare, you don't dare, you don't dare to tell her
[Second couple - Black M]
I am sure she'd love to hear one "I love you, momma"
Instead of your old man's cries that threaten to toss you out
I am sure that she would fall apart after a week spent without you
And that your absence would do her more harm than a free fall from the top of her roof
I am sure she would love for you to take her in your arms
Just like she took you during your first 12 months
I am sure that love has rendered you short sighted
And instead of giving it to your mother you give it to some stupid woman
[Lefa & Barack Adama]
Hours on the phone with your chick in order to better catch up with one another
When your mother calls you you just want to hang up quickly
In front of your buddies you are hard headed and want to teach her lessons
But you forget that she held that head up when she breastfed you
Believe me with words lungs can be replaced, but surely not a mother
You lived in her, you lived under her roof
She is the only person that prays to leave this world before you
You are all tanned whereas she is all pale
Apart from her no one puts up with your constant selfishness
You are not god's gift to mankind but you are god's gift to your mother
[Third couple - Maître Gim's]
I never left
I never changed
If this is not my voice and my size
Oh momma
It's me
I want you to approve with my fiance
Comfort me like when I used to fall
Momma where did you go, oh
Look at me
[JR O'Crome]
To just hold you in my arms
Squeeze you really tight, tell you I love you one last time
Rest in peace
For us you gave body and soul
If I don't have enough ink, I'll keep on writing with my tears
Today my mother isn't here anymore
I fell from high but I couldn't fall any further
Little buddy, don't act like a child from social services
If you have one, make her happy, tell her that you love her before she goes
For all those who still have a mother
Even if death doesn't stop the love
Tell them that you love them
Before they go
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OMG...this is the saddest song I've ever's so touchy:(

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Avant qu'elle parte

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