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البنت الشلبية (El Bint El Shalabiya) (English translation)

البنت الشلبية

البنت الشلبية
عيونها لوزية
بحبك من قلبي
ياقلبي انت عنيا
بحبك من قلبي
ياقلبي انت عنيا
حد القناطر
محبوبي ناطر
كسر الخواطر
ياولفي ماهان عليا
بتطل بتلوح و القلب مجروح
و أيام عالبال بتعن و تروح
تحت الرمانة
حبي حكاني
وسمعني غناني
وتغزل فيا
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The Beautiful Girl of Seville

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The beautiful girl of Seville*
Her eyes are almond-shaped
I love you from my heart
Oh, my heart, you are my eyes
I love you from my heart
Oh, my heart, you are my eyes
Under the arches
My love is waiting
It wasn't easy for me to let you down, my love
You appear in the distance and my heart is wounded
And I reminisce about days past
Under the pomegranate tree
My love spoke to me
Sang me songs
Oh my eyes
And flirted with me
Sang me songs
Oh my eyes
And flirted with me
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Author's comments:

* Seville: Name of a city in the south of Spain in the state of Andalusia.

Ahmet Yılmaz2Ahmet Yılmaz2    Thu, 04/08/2022 - 08:43

Well I am a Turk myself, but I think I know what shalabiya really means. No, it doesn't mean seville (which means Ishbiliya in arabic), shbly is different from shlby. You know these arabic root words are really important.

I think it's borrowed from the Turkish "Çelebi", you can hear its pronounciation in this website by putting in the search box. It was used to refer to respected, dignified men, scholars, judges, head of a religious order etc. or any man you think is "serious, respectable with good manners" in Ottoman times. The 5th Ottoman Sultan was even called Çelebi Mehmed, referring to his title from his princehood. He was a really wise, just and dignified Sultan, he is almost the second founder of the empire and his struggle started when he was only 13 until he died at 32.

But Çelebi doesn't mean prince etc. We have many Çelebi nicknamed historic figures, such as Evliya Çelebi who travelled the entire Ottoman country at its territorial expansion and wrote books about his travels. Katip Çelebi, who authored a great report on sociopolitical situation of Ottoman empire.

If the Turkish meaning is retained in the arabic lyrics, the song must refer to a girl who is serious, careful, intelligent with modest clothing and behaviours.

N.F.N.F.    Sat, 06/08/2022 - 01:45

Güzel yorumunuz için çok teşekkür ediyorum. Bende Mehmet Çelebini bir Türk filimden taniyorum, filmin adı Mühteşem Yüzil. 8 sene once bu filmi Türkiyede izledim. Ben 2 sene Türkiyede yaşadim ve bu derecede dilini oğrendim.
Sizinen konușmak için çok mutlu oldum.

Kendine iyi bak.

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