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Portuguese Fado

Fado was born on a day,
When the wind barely stirred,
And the seas elongated the skies.
On the main rail of a sailing ship,
In the chest of a seaman
While sorrowful he sang.
While sorrowful he sang.
Oh, what imense beauty,
My land, my hill, my valley
Of golden leaves, flowers and fruits
Do you see lands of Spain,
Sands of Portugal,
Vision blinded by tears.
In the mouth of a seaman
In the fragile sailing ship
The hurtful song fading
With the piercing of desires
From the lips burning with kisses
That kiss the air and nothing more,
That kiss the air and nothing more.
Farewell mother, farewell Maria,
Keep this well in mind,
That I make this vow:
Either I will take you to the altar,
Or it was God who was served instead
Give me my rest at sea
Now, on another given day
When the wind barely stirred
And the seas elongated the skies
At the bow of another sailing ship
Another seaman sailed
While sorrowful he sang
While sorrowful he sang.
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Fado Português

nat.daileynat.dailey    Thu, 19/12/2013 - 04:41

Very nice work on this one!

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