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Fall about

Submitted by agrin on 2013-01-13

Idiomatic translations of "Fall about"

Dø af grin
падать сО смеху

Meanings of "Fall about"


Laughing uncontrollably

Explained by agrinagrin on Sun, 13/01/2013 - 22:50
Explained by agrinagrin
Kurdish (Kurmanji)

پێكەنینێكى زۆر بەشتێك

Explained by agrinagrin on Sun, 13/01/2013 - 22:52
Explained by agrinagrin

زیادى خندیدن بە چیزى

Explained by agrinagrin on Sun, 13/01/2013 - 22:52
Explained by agrinagrin

Смеяться без умолку, кататься от смеха.

Explained by NikoletaBrilliantNikoletaBrilliant on Wed, 16/01/2013 - 09:14
Explained by NikoletaBrilliantNikoletaBrilliant

"Fall about" in lyrics

After the Rain - 1. 2. 3

Hey, are you not ready yet? Hurry up!
Are you ready to go out?
I want to show you this mysterious world
I do not want to send you off

Mitski - Liquid Smooth

I'm beautiful
I know 'cause it's the season
But what am I to do with all this beauty?
Biology, I am an organism

24 Horas - Please

24 Hours - Please

It's so hard for you to give me a kiss
And for him so easy to give the heart

Equestria Girls 3: Friendship Games (OST) - ACADECA

[Sunset Shimmer and Wondercolts]
Ho! We're gonna take you down
Ho! We're gonna take you down!
Take you down! (Ho! We're gonna take you down!)

Racionais MC’s - Jesus Cried

Guess what?

Clear and salty,
Fits in an eye and weights a ton.

Crusher - Again

I haven’t been myself lately,
I don’t blame you for not wanting to stay.
Saying things that I don’t mean,
not meaning what I say.

Lars Winnerbäck - Elegi

/ its like the night have seen everything, and quietly sings along

/ an elegy for all the sorrows this fall is about
/ for a mother that "fell asleep" (she never woke up again), for the child that never came

Chase Atlantic - Moonlight

Busy on the weekend
Caught up in your own small world
Well, I might wanna see it then
Call it hesitation, girl

EXO - Baby Don't Cry ( The Mermaid's Tears)

Don’t hesitate anymore please,take my heart away.
Yes, the sharper it is, I like it,even the moonlight shut its eyes tonight.
If only it was a different guy and not me,if only it was a line from a comedy.
for your love, I will burn all the wounds.

Madison Love - Come Alive

I can get you out of this
See you rolling up your sleeves
It's not as heavy as it seems no oh (No oh)
And i'm not havin' it, but in skin of both your thumbs

Şebnem Ferah - Lonely

Who could know what you had been through,
Yet, no one could be in such loneliness.
Tell me, one by one, and hold my hands,
Yet, no one could be in such solitude.

Aleks Syntek - I dreamt of you

I dreamt of you,
I was wide awake and I saw you
I thought I was dreaming because I didn't
believe it to be real

Avior Malasa - All (Everything)

I have it all
Like a child who draws on the sand
Without a paintbrush
I have it all

Jay Sounds And Antonio - 2u

Every time you're feeling low
I see the hurt
Where do you go?

Gloria Trevi - That man is evil

1Let me introduce you to the man,
the one who sleeps in your bed,
the one who is a gentleman,

  • 1. On the video, she says this before the song (btw, yes, she's a woman from the public!):
    "Just now, when we were dancing together, I remembered our nights of passion, but I also remembered something else. Just when I was about to fall in your kisses for your glittery clothes, and your hair that smells like shampoo, I remembered that you cheated on me! ... And she still acknowledges it, without shame! And you know what? She cheated on me with my best friend! I caught you! But there're some things that you don't know about that man, that I do know, because I know him from a long time ago, even before I met you. Let me tell you about the ox that you got instead of this bull (*herself). And I'm glad you're sitting, because what I'm about to tell you, can make your pants fall... I mean, can make you fall to the floor. Listen carefully to what I have to say of that friend of mine..."

Provinz - Aylin

And we can't fly any higher, yeah

Fall about, what still holds us here?
How often should we repair ourselves?

Lea Hart - Danger Lines

A shot rings, a body falls
A silhouette on a dirt-black wall
There's no beat, the heart's dead
The night's alive and the blood's so red

Kongero - The Belt

1. Once when I was walking down the road
I met the Evil One1
— For hupp sudi du, su rit'n sej2
I met the Evil One

  • 1. "Hin Onde" is a noa-name ( for the Devil meaning "the evil one", and incidentally, that name exists in English as well.
  • 2. This line doesn't appear to mean anything, but is just there as a kind of refrain.

Who Are You: School 2015 (OST) - Fly with the Wind

I’m floating around alone
Everyone around me is leaving
Seats are emptying one by one
I blame myself for just watching

Saltatio Mortis - Fall of Man

Tell me, Father, what have you done?
Tell me, Father, do you even think about it?
Was she* worth it? Was it wrong?
Was she so sweet and colorful?