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Idioms in
when pigs fly English11026
I don't give a shit/damn/fuck/crap/toss/dime/pennyEnglish13628
(To) handle with kid (or kit) glovesEnglish35
The grass is always greener on the other sideEnglish4418
It's not all sunshine and rosesEnglish226
It's no use crying over spilt milk.English8722
(come) rain or shineEnglish296
(from) head to toeEnglish5923
One man's meat is another man's poison English168
pass awayEnglish14618
One for the money, two for the showEnglish24
what's poppinEnglish263
What goes around, comes aroundEnglish15220
plot twistEnglish44
Fuck around and find outEnglish-3
Break a legEnglish3724
Dive in head firstEnglish101
Wife materialEnglish54
Easy peasy (lemon squeezy)English1042
Your slip is showingEnglish-4
bite the dustEnglish14616
Blood is thicker than waterEnglish3412
like father, like sonEnglish8812
On top of the WorldEnglish695
out of the blueEnglish3912
It's a small worldEnglish283
out of sight, out of mindEnglish4712
Heart of stoneEnglish3214
Fair winds and following seasEnglish111
Heart of goldEnglish345
Raise no more devils than you can lay downEnglish481
as easy as pieEnglish1048
Beat (or ride) like a rented muleEnglish11
Behind the curtainEnglish82
Ixnay on the upidstayEnglish-1
The world is your oyster.English94
One man's trash is another man's treasureEnglish162
Better bend than breakEnglish144
cross the lineEnglish238
In the blink of an eyeEnglish796
come what mayEnglish137
When in Rome do as the RomansEnglish662
The twelfth of neverEnglish61
seize the dayEnglish332
I have a knack for (something)English32
Snitches get stitchesEnglish-2
(Don't) put the cart before the horseEnglish692
Give me a breakEnglish29
clean up the messEnglish43
The sky is falling (down)!English-1
safe and soundEnglish2611
The tables have turnedEnglish166
Better HalfEnglish147
A bit on the noseEnglish-1
on cloud nineEnglish6912
walk on byEnglish393
be poor as a church ratEnglish322
All in allEnglish141
over the moonEnglish693
Don’t bite off more than you can chewEnglish338
Spit it outEnglish125
An hour in the morning is worth two in the eveningEnglish302
The early bird catches the worm.English343
Time heals all wounds.English242
cleanliness is next to godlinessEnglish44
(go) BananasEnglish3115
Every cloud has a silver lining English6413
Learn to walk before you can run.English335
Ignorance is blissEnglish177
cheeky bastardEnglish22
From the bottom of my heartEnglish135
Time is goldEnglish304
cross my heartEnglish328
The Apple does not fall far from the treeEnglish884
that will be the dayEnglish1103
go all the wayEnglish512
(the crack of) sparrow's fartEnglish102
give up the ghostEnglish1465
Done is doneEnglish872
simple as ABCEnglish1043
Cry me a riverEnglish197
once in a blue moonEnglish1312
Save the dayEnglish32
to stand tallEnglish234
kick the bucketEnglish14610
better to ask the way than go astrayEnglish51
on a cold day on hellEnglish1102
All's well that ends wellEnglish324
Better late than neverEnglish289
Birds of a feather flock togetherEnglish725
In a heartbeat English791
I have no clueEnglish255
keep up withEnglish97
raining cats and dogsEnglish6718
speech is silver, silence is goldenEnglish334
on the jobEnglish51-
the night is still youngEnglish118
Nothing in life is freeEnglish212
to fall from the cloudsEnglish91
the pot calling the kettle blackEnglish748


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