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Jara (English translation)



Soli har venda,
i haustinga ligg håpet.
Solrik sumar
og allgroande åkre.
Til norne tri,
vi ber dei spinna liv
i åker og i eng,
i barm og i bringa.
Er ár og friðar,
når kornet stig or jordi.
Om vordane lokka sin lokkesong.
På tidleg sådd åker
kan ikkje nokon lite.
For mangt veit eg om vålyndt vêr.
Gro gro, lisle spire,
dager gryr og mørket svinner.
Sól har snudd
og hjulet det har venda.
Sola vendar hausten sendar
graset gulnar, blada fell
lyse dagar er på hell.
Til vordar og vettar,
vi takk gjev med vår song
for ár og friðar.
Ár og friðar.
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The sun has turned
in the autumn lies the hope.
Sun-filled summer
and fertile fields.
To the three norns,
we ask them to spin life
in fields and meadows,
in bosom and bring.
A year of peace,
when the stalks rise and earth.
If the vords lure their lure song.
On early seeded field
does no-one know little.
For much do I know about spring weather.
Grow grow, little sprout,
days break and the darkness dwindles.
The sun has turned
and the wheel has turned.
The sun turns the autumn sends
the grass yellows, leaves fall
bright days are on the wane.
To vords and supernatural creatures,
we thank you with our song
for years of peace.
Years of peace.
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Author's comments:

"Ár og friðar" is icelandic.
Vette is an old collective term for all supernatural creatures, and I couldn't find a translation for it. I don't believe a translation of that word exists.
Also, I have no idea what "vålyndt" means, so I just guessed. Same with Jara, except it sounds very much like it means "the years" in nynorsk, although I'm not sure.

A vord, in old Norwegian folklore, is a supernatural, invisible creature; a person's follower, often described as a protecting spirit.
In case you don't know what the norns are, here's a link to the wikipedia page about them:

FiikusFiikus    Wed, 07/03/2018 - 12:41

Its a bit late, but its not "when stalks rise and earth" but it should be "out of the earth"

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