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The tears of old children
I string them on a white hair
Throw the wet chain into the air
And wish that I had a mother
No sun shines for me
No breast that cried milk
In my throat a tube is stuck
I've got no navel on my belly
I was not allowed to lick any nipple
And there was no fold to hide in
Nobody gave me a name
Begotten in haste and without semen
To the mother who has never given birth to me
I swore tonight
I will send her a sickness
And afterward make her sink in the river
In her lungs lives an eel
On my forehead, a birthmark
Remove it with the knife's kiss
Even if then I must die.
Even if I must bleed to death
Oh give me strength
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Submitted by emonquenteemonquente on Mon, 15/03/2010 - 19:37
Author's comments:

Trying to make a little more intelligible to the way English can be used without changing the flow too much. A truly complete translation is never a translation, its a version. .. hopefully this is a bit happier a compromise of the two.



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