Por una cabeza (English translation)

English translation

By only a head

By only a head of
a pureblood race colt
that just on the finish
had slowed down to shamble;
and upon riding back
it seems to be saying
forget not this brother,
you know that you shouldn't gamble
By only a head I
was love struck at first sight
with that one coquettish
and cheerful dame
who by pledging with a smile
a love that she's lying about
she burns all my love
in a blazing flame
By only a head were
all of the follies;
her lips when she's kissing
the sadness are dismissing
the sourness make jolly
By only a head that
if she forgets me
won't matter if I lose
my life that hurts me;
what is there to live?
Lots of disappointments,
by only a head all
thousand times I swore that
I won't fall for this
but each time a passing
look off my feet sweeps me
her burning lips,once more,
I want to just kiss
I'm done with the race tracks,
I'm quiting all gambling
a dead heat I don't want
to ever watch again
but if a young filly
looks sure bet on Sunday
I'll gamble all I have,
what can I do then!
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Por una cabeza