Song of the Red Dervish (English translation)


Song of the Red Dervish

شب آفریدی، شمع آفریدم
خاک آفریدی، جام آفریدم
بیابان و کوه‌سار و راغ آفریدی
خیابان و گل‌زار و باغ آفریدم
آنم که از سنگ آیینه سازم
آنم که از زهر نوشینه سازم
اقبال لاهوری
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The song of the red dervish

You created night, I created candle
You created soil, I created goblet
You created desert and mountains and meadow
I created road (street) and flower bed and garden
I'm the one who creates mirror out of rocks
I'm the one who creates drink out of poison
Muhammad Iqbal
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I have listened to the song. I love it. Thank you for the translation.