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Sous le ciel de Paris (English translation)

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Under the Parisian Sky

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Beneath the Parisian sky
A song flutters away,
It was born today
In a young man's heart
Beneath the Parisian sky
Lovers walk about,
Their happiness built
Upon a tune made just for them
Beneath the Pont de Bercy
There's a seated philosopher
Two musicians and a few onlookers
And then people in the thousands
Beneath the Parisian sky
Will sing into the evening
The hymn of the people in love
With their old city
Near Notre Dame
Perhaps trouble's brewing
But in "Paname" everything gets worked out
A few rays
From the summer sky
The accordion
Of a sailor
Hope is blossoming
In the Parisian sky
Beneath the Parisian sky
A joyous river flows
That lulls the tramps
And beggars to sleep
Beneath the Parisian sky
God's birds
Come from around the world
To chat among themselves
The Parisian sky
Has its own secret
For twenty centuries it has been in love
With our Île Saint-Louis
When she smiles at him
He puts on his blue suit
When it rains over Paris
It's because he's sad
When he is jealous
Of her millions of lovers
He unleashes upon us
His roaring thunder
But the Parisian sky
Is not cruel for long
So that he may be forgiven
He offers a rainbow
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Paname= Paris

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Sous le ciel de Paris

chappeydelchappeydel    Mon, 05/05/2014 - 11:25

Merci pour cette très bonne traduction.

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