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A Kingdom and a Child [Un regno e una bambina]
A un passo da meTranslation
Abertura Clube das WinxTranslation
All is Magic
Ancora e sempre WinxTranslation
Antomnaya lyubov' (Атомная любовь) [Reazione a catena]
Bajo el signo de Winx [Nel Segno Di Winx] OP1Translation
Basic Transformation Russkiy Translation
Believix (You're Macigal)
Beskonechnaya lyubov' (Бесконечная любовь) [Irragiungibile]Translation
Beskrajno [Irragiungibile]Translation
Big BoyTranslation
Bloomix (Czech)Translation
Bloomix German
Bloomix Più Che MaiTranslation
Butterflix Power
Catch us if you can [Prova a prenderci]
Çfarë ndiej unë për ty [Tutti i sogni miei]Translation
Chain reaction [Reazione a catena]
Cosmix WinxTranslation
Cosmix Winx - Latin Spanish - Season 8
Cosmix Winx - OST
Crazy in love with you [Tutti i sogni miei]
Dreamin' In My Way [I sogni a modo mio]
Dubble Zes [Irraggiungibile]
Edinstvennaya (Единственная) [Unica]
Enchantix (french)
Enchantix Brazilian PortugueseTranslation
Enchantix DeutschTranslation
Enchantix English
Enchantix MagyarTranslation
Enchantix NederlandseTranslation
Enchantix NorskTranslation
Enchantix PolskiTranslation
Enchantix SuomiTranslation
Enchantix [Italian]Translation
Enchantix Русский (Enchantix Russkiy)Translation
Enchantix Український (Enchantix Ukrayins'kyi)Translation
Enchantix 한국어 (Enchantix Hangugeo)
Endlessly [Irragiungibile]
Ëndrrën realitet [I sogni a modo mio]
Eternamente [Endlessly] (European Portuguese)
Eto moy mir (Это мой мир) [Quando Sei Con Me]
Fly [Segui il tuo Cuore]
Goodbye My Friends
Harmonix (Czech)
Harmonix (Norwegian)
Harmonix English
Harmonix EspañolTranslation
Harmonix Español LatinoTranslation
Harmonix FrançaisTranslation
Harmonix NederlandsTranslation
Harmonix PolskiTranslation
Harmonix SlovenskiTranslation
Harmonix SuomiTranslation
Heart of Stone [La mia canzone]
I sogni a modo mioTranslation
Inalcanzable [Irragiungibile]Translation
Invincibili WinxTranslation
Ispod Tog Znaka Winx [Nel segno di Winx]Translation
Kamennoe serdce (Каменное сердце) [La mia canzone]
Kameno srceTranslation
Kolybelnaya (Колыбельная) [La tua musica e la mia]
Korolevstvo i ditya (Королевство и дитя) [Un Regno e una Bambina]
La magia di Winx ClubTranslation
La mia canzone
La tua musica e la mia
Leć [Fly]
Legendary Dimension
Live my life [Ti Parlo di Me]
Living the Magic
Magia di WinxTranslation
Magic Winx
Magical Bloom
Magical Bloom (Season 1 Version)
Magiske Winx Transformasjon
Mambochiwambo (Albanian)
Mambochiwambo (Мамбочивамбо) [Mambochiwambo]
Mean Girls Rule
Mentre il mondo giraTranslation
Moadon Winx - Patiach (מועדון ווינקס - פתיח) [Winx Club - Opening]Translation
Moya mechta (Моя мечта) [I sogni a modo mio]
Moya zhizn' (Моя жизнь) [Ti Parlo di Me]
Na Wieki [Endlessly]Translation
Nel segno di WinxTranslation
Nel segno di Winx (Bulgarian)
Nel segno di Winx (Dutch)
Nel segno di Winx (German)
Nel segno di Winx (Korean)
Nel segno di Winx (Macedonian)
Nel segno di Winx (Slovak)
Nel segno di Winx (Ukrainian) (Nel segno di Winx)
Nel sogno WinxTranslation
O Sinal das Winx [Nel segno di Winx] (European Portuguese)
Pod znakom Winx [Nel segno di Winx]Translation
Potere di EnchantixTranslation
Poymay menya (Поймай меня) [Prova a prenderci]
Prova a prenderci
Quando sei con me
Reazione a catena
Return to Me
Sadece Bir KızTranslation
Season 6 Opening (Czech)Translation
Segui Il RitmoTranslation
Segui il tuo Cuore
Sen Bir TanesinTranslation
Siamo magiche winx
Sirenix (Norwegian)Translation
Sirenix English
Sirenix Finnish [Movie ver.]Translation
Sirenix ItalianoTranslation
Sirenix NederlandsTranslation
Spotlight [Vida da Star]
Supergeroi (Супергерои) [Magia di Winx]
Superheroes [Magia di Winx]
Szaleje z Miłości Do Ciebie [Crazy In Love With You]
Talking About Love
The Chiwambo Song [Mambochiwambo]
The Magic Fire
The Power of Charmix
The world belongs to me [Quando sei con me]
This big world [La tua musica e la mia]
Ti Parlo di Me
Ti s'më ke dashur asnjëherë [La mia canzone]Translation
Todos Os Meus Sonhos (European Portuguese)
Tu puoi credere in teTranslation
Tu sei con me [Return to Me]
Tutti i sogni miei
Ty angel (Ты ангел) [Vita da Star]
Un Regno e una Bambina
Under the sign of Winx [Nel segno di Winx] (Season 1 version)
Under the sign of Winx [Nel segno di Winx] (Season 2 & 3 version)
Unendlich [Irragiungibile]
Vida da Star
Vine, uneix-te a les Winx [Nel segno di Winx]
Volshebniy mir (Волшебный мир) [Segui il tuo Cuore]
We are Believix
We Are The Winx
Winx are Back
Winx Club (Greek Opening Song)Translation
Winx Club Intro (Bulgarian)
Winx Club Intro (French)
Winx Club Intro (Norwegian)
Winx Club Opening Urdu
Winx Club Outro Urdu
Winx Club Sparkles of Light
Winx Club Theme (Finnish)Translation
Ya vlyublena (Я влюблена) [Tutti i sogni miei]
You're the One [Unica]
Znamení Winx [Nel segno di Winx] (Czech) (Barrandov)Translation
Znamení Winx [Nel segno di Winx] (Czech) (Prima)Translation
Ти само реци Винкс (Ti samo reci Vinks)Translation
Related to Winx Club (OST)Description
Petra Scheeser - Heller als Lichtsong
Winx Club (OST) transcription requests
Nel segno di Winx (Irish) Gaelic (Irish Gaelic) 
Nel segno di Winx (Welsh) Welsh 
Nel segno di Winx (Arabic) Arabic 
Nel segno di Winx (Armenian) Armenian 
TrampGuyTrampGuy    Mon, 06/05/2013 - 18:51

Note that you are posting the translations (or interpretations) of the same song as different entries/songs.
I think it should all be under one entry, with the lyrics being from the original language - from whichever country this show has originated.

ArenaL5ArenaL5    Mon, 06/05/2013 - 19:01

That's a good question: some lyrics may be different. (I could only check Italian and English, and I think I saw a few differences). Any way you do it, it's bound to look like clutter.

I think that having them as different entries is less confusing (because you might add more faithful translations of every version instead of the official interpretations, and having interpretations mixed with translations is hard to read).
Maybe it's not very important for this series, but sometimes there are drastic changes between versions.

EDIT: If a particular interpretation is a faithful translation, you could as well upload it as a separate song, and post links to the other version instead, e.g.:

(1) Enchantrix (French version), translated to (2) Jabblewocker
(3) Enchantrix (Jabblewocker version), translated to (4) French

(2) and (4) contain a short explanation and links to (3) and (1), respectively.

   Mon, 06/05/2013 - 19:11

OK, I've understood your words. I'll just delete it all and try again

TrampGuyTrampGuy    Mon, 06/05/2013 - 19:18

I still prefer it as one entry, where interpretations will be listed as translations with a comment saying they are actually official interpretations. Uploading all the interpretations and asking for their translations is much more of a mess, especially given the nature of this specific content.

   Mon, 06/05/2013 - 19:28

I don't even understand now, what do you want. I just want that songs to be here, and be translated. Those are the songs from cartoon, not "an interpretation". So, all versions are official and separate. I can do 20 "artists" with every language and separate that songs more. And I do.
Now you're telling me some other stuf, which is out of my mind, cause noone will search for the "translation" not in translation column, and noone will think that the song which is actually tagges as the song is a translation.
Make up your mind. If you want to listen to that songs - listen to them and be happy. If you're not fine with the songs from cartoons and don't understand that "dubbing" is not just a translation - don't bother others.

ArenaL5ArenaL5    Mon, 06/05/2013 - 19:34

I'm sorry. Some of us here get really wrapped up in the organisation, but please understand we are trying to look the most efficient way to keep all songs in check (we already had to deal with duplicates and mergers and wrong artist names).

I'm not that fan of Winx, but I'd want all the language versions uploaded. How? Do as you wish. If mods ever decide they're mislabeled o something, they can rearrange it.

EDIT: And with "interpretation", I did mean "the songs of the cartoon in other countries", not "a fan interpretation".

ScieraSciera    Mon, 06/05/2013 - 19:25

Since all these lyrics were used as songs and aren't only mere translations I'd normally say they should get their own entry, but since they are so very similiar it might be better in this case to merge them into one.
But the bigger problem is the artist name... I normally don't write there the name of the series it was made for (that often results in several entries for the same song) but the name of the actual composer or singer or band etc.

ArenaL5ArenaL5    Mon, 06/05/2013 - 19:26

That would force us either to have different entries or to keep "Winx Club" as artist name.

ArenaL5ArenaL5    Mon, 06/05/2013 - 19:41

I know that feel :)

TrampGuyTrampGuy    Mon, 06/05/2013 - 19:54

lol, you want each version to have its own entry - fine. But when requesting translations, don't be surprised to see users copy paste the English version all over the place - even when it's not one-to-one. talk about mess....

I was just trying to confine this ****, but I guess we'll just have to deal with it as it overflows...
(btw, I've uploaded interpretations as translations before - it's not that bad)

TrampGuyTrampGuy    Mon, 06/05/2013 - 20:22

I wasn't speaking in general, but specifically for this case - most lyrics here are "close enough".

TrampGuyTrampGuy    Mon, 06/05/2013 - 20:00

Сновида please remove all the other artists you've created for this show - neither of us implied towards creating new artists - it just adds to the mess.

   Mon, 06/05/2013 - 20:25

Am I understanding right that you want all the songs in all languages by the one artist? (Winx Club Songs)
Cause I don't want to do the opposite tomorrow, if I don't understand now =)

TrampGuyTrampGuy    Mon, 06/05/2013 - 20:29

Yes, thank you. All of the Winx Club Songs, in all languages, should be under one artist and "Winx Club Songs" is a fine name.