Black Raven [ Chernyy voron (Черный ворон) ]

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Black Raven

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Raven black, why are you wheeling,
Over my head circling low?
Ever will your prey elude you.
Raven black, I am not yours!
Why do you spread wide your talons,
Over my head circling low?
Or do you sense prey beneath you?
Raven black, I am not yours!
Fly you now, off to my homeland,
And say to my mother dear,
Say to her, my darling mother,
That for Fatherland I fell.
Take my shawl, now stained with red blood,
To my darling, dearly loved.
Say to her that she is free now:
To another I am wed.
A smoldering arrow bound her to me,
Upon the fated battlefield.
Death, I see, is coming for me.
Raven black, I am now yours!
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Chernyy voron (Черный ворон)

Черный ворон, черный ворон,
Что ты вьешься надо мной?
Ты добычи не дождешься,
Черный ворон, я не твой!
Что ты когти распускаешь
Над моею головой?
Иль добычу себе чаешь,


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