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ثلاث دقات (3 Daqat) (English translation)

ثلاث دقات

وقت غروب الشمس واقف ع البحر بعيد
عمال بحكيله واشكيله واشرح وأعيد
فجأة لقيتها وكنت فاكرها عروسة البحر
خارجة من الماية وطلتها أقوى من السحر
لما شوفتها قلبي دق تلات دقات
والطبلة دخلت لعبت جوة دماغي حاجات
لما الرق دخل قلبي رق وحنيت
طب هعمل ايه رحت انا غنيت
امتى الحب طال، قلبي ولا في الخيال
عودك ده فيه يتقال موال
وياعيني ياه يا سيدي على الأيام
لما تهادي قلوبنا غرام، فجأة يهون كل اللي فات
ولقيت جوايا خناقة كبيرة قامت على طول
عقلي يعقّلني وقلبي يقولي روحلها قول
مخدتش ثواني وكان قلبي طالع كسبان
رحت وقولتلها إن انا ولهان
وتمر شهور وسنين على يومها ومش ناسيين
انا شوفتك امتى يا حب العمر وشوفتك فين
وبنيجي سوا نحكي حكايتنا هنا للبحر
عن قصة حب أقوى من السحر
Submitted by NourmangiNourmangi on 2017-10-29
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Three heartbeats

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I was standing by the sea at sunset
I was complaining and hanging loosely, explaining to the sea once and again
Suddenly I saw her, And I thought she was a mermaid
Getting out of the water with a glimpse stronger than the magic
When I saw her, my heart beat three times
The drum entered in my head playing with the things inside
When the riq entered in my heart, I fell in love
What could i do? I began to sing
When did the love increase? my heart is between the stars
In the love of your body, many ballads are written
oh my eyes, my lord, how beautiful are the days!
When they gift our hearts a love ..suddenly everything is ok
Suddenly a big fight started inside of me
My brain was reasoning with me while my heart was telling me to tell her
In seconds my heart was the winner
I went to tell her that i am in love
Many months and years pass by and we have never forgot
When I saw you, the love of my life and where
And together we go to tell our tales to the sea
About a love story stonger than the magic
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Submitted by Abdo AzzamAbdo Azzam on 2017-10-31
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Luciana RibeiroLuciana Ribeiro    Tue, 22/01/2019 - 14:50

Marhaba Abdo Azzam! As "Riq" means slavery, we could say: "when the passion had the command of my heart, I fell in love" (لما الرق دخل قلبي رق وحنيت), couldn't we?

MJ-Q8MJ-Q8    Tue, 02/11/2021 - 04:54

Thousand thanks for your marvellous translation  Regular smile Thumbs up

لما الرق دخل قلبي رق وحنيت
riq: الرق 
The meaning of the word “req” in the sentence is:
The beautiful gentle or soft girl.

MJ-Q8MJ-Q8    Tue, 02/11/2021 - 05:01

Excellent translation, harmonious significances, high feeling, outstanding explanation for the song meanings, well done

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