Nena - 99 Luftballons (English translation)

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99 Luftballons

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If you have some time for me
Then I will sing a song for you
About ninety-nine balloons
On their way to the horizon
If you maybe think just of me
Then I will sing a song for you
About ninety-nine balloons
And that such a thing comes from such a thing
Ninety-nine balloons
On their way to the horizon
One could take them for UFOs from space
Therefore a general sent
A flying squadron after them
To give the alarm if it was so
There were present on the horizon
Only ninety-nine balloons
Ninety-nine jet fighters
Each was a great warrior
They regarded themselves as Captain Kirk
There was a great display of fireworks
The neighbors didn't understand
And soon felt offended
And in the process they shot at the horizon
At ninety-nine balloons
Ninety-nine ministers of war
Matches and petrol cans (gasoline cans)
They regarded themselves as clever people
Already on the scent of fat quarry
They shouted "War" and wanted power
Man, who would have thought
That someday it would come as far as this
Because of ninety-nine balloons
Ninety-nine years of war
Left no place for victors
There are no longer any ministers of war
And also no jet fighters
Today i'm making my rounds
I see the world lying in ruins
I have found a balloon
I think of you and let it fly
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99 Luftballons

hal9000    Tue, 22/10/2013 - 09:13

It's good enough for me.

Questionfinder    Sun, 27/09/2015 - 15:01

I edited this transcription for some small grammar and spelling mistakes, but there is one correction that will effect translations:

Alarm zu geben, wenn's war ---->Alarm zu geben, wenn es so wär