Aladdin (OST) - Ce rêve bleu (European French) [A Whole New World] (English translation)

English translation

This blue dream (Aladdin)

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I will offer you a world,
With one thousand and one splendors.
Tell me, Princess,
Have your ever let your heart speak ?
I will open your eyes,
To the delights and wonders,
Of this midair journey,
In the blue dream land.
This blue dream,
It's a new colorfull world.
Where no one tells us,
It's forbidden
To still believe in happiness!
This blue dream,
I can't believe it, it's wonderful!
For me, it's fantastic,
When, in the heavens,
We both share this blue dream.
We both have this blue dream.
Under the crystal sky,
I feel so light.
I go and rave and capsize
Into an ocean of stars.
This blue dream...
Don't close your eyes
It's a fantastic journey.
And look at these wonders
I've been to high,
Gone too far,
I can't go back from where I come from.
A blue dream.
On the horses of the world.
To the horizons of the world.
In the skydust.
Live against time,
And let's live this monderful dream.
This blue dream,
Of thousands of nights,
Which will last
For you and me
Our whole life.
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Ce rêve bleu (European French) [A Whole New World]