Milaya moya (Милая моя) (English translation)

  • Artist: Yuri Vizbor (Юрий Визбор)
  • Song: Milaya moya (Милая моя) 12 translations
  • Translations: English #1, #2, #3, #4, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Polish, Spanish, Turkish #1, #2

Milaya moya (Милая моя)

Всем нашим встpечам pазлуки, увы, суждены,
Тих и печален pучей у янтаpной сосны,
Пеплом несмелым подеpнулись угли костpа,
Вот и окончилось все - pасставаться поpа.
Милая моя, солнышко лесное,
Где, в каких кpаях
Встpетишься со мною?
Кpылья сложили палатки - их кончен полет,
Кpылья pаспpавил искатель pазлук - самолет,
И потихонечку пятится тpап от кpыла,
Вот уж действительно пpопасть меж нами легла.
Милая моя, солнышко лесное,
Где, в каких кpаях
Встpетишься со мною?
Hе утешайте меня, мне слова не нужны,
Мне б отыскать тот pучей у янтаpной сосны,
Вдpуг сквозь туман там алеет кусочек огня,
Вдpуг у огня ожидают, пpедставьте, меня!
Милая моя, солнышко лесное,
Где, в каких кpаях
Встpетишься со мною?
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My honey

Versions: #1#2#3#4
All our meetings are unfortunatly destined with separation,
Creek near amber pine tree is quiet and sorrow
Coals in the camp fire are covered with ash,
Everything is ended - its time to say goodbye
My honey, my woodland sun,
Where, in which land
Will you meet me again?
Tents folded the wings-they flight is ended,
Plane spread the wings-its the sighn of separation
Ladder go out from the plane slowly
And i see deep ceparate us now
Don't comfort me, i don't need words,
I'd wish to find that creek near amber pine tree,
Suddenly i'd see flame of camp fire through the fog,
Imagine-someone would waiting for me near that flame!
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aindeikinaaindeikina    Sun, 12/10/2014 - 21:37
Vote has been deleted.

This comment has been deleted.

Alma BarrocaAlma Barroca    Sun, 12/10/2014 - 21:41

The translations added into this site are not supposed to be songs, so they don't need to have rhymes, rhytm or anything that would be usually found in songs and/or poetry. It's hard to make translations into other languages with rhymes in every verse.

So I ask you to please review your vote. Was this Russian->English translation made by a mechanical translation service such as GoogleTranslate, does it not make sense, or anything like that? If not, please remove your vote, else I'll ask it to be removed.

aindeikinaaindeikina    Sun, 12/10/2014 - 21:52

I'm sorry, If I am rude, but this person was translating a song, so in the translation it has to STAY a song. Sorry Sad smile Besides, I'm afraid this is a stupid computer translation!

Alma BarrocaAlma Barroca    Sun, 12/10/2014 - 22:07

It's not mandatory for translations to have the same lyrical structure as the lyrics to which they're attached. Even if it were, it would be almost impossible to keep rhymes, rhythm and other things because it can be hard to find synonyms in some languages, specially if you're not a fluent speaker who has a huge knowledge of vocabulary of a language.

If translations don't rhyme or have no rhythm, it's not considered a huge problem. The translations need to make sense and not to be made by machine translation services.

Plus, this translation doesn't match what GoogleTranslate suggests as a translation. I'm not a Russian speaker so I can't say if this a 100% accurate translation, but the English text makes sense in most places. I'd add a few articles that are missing and correct a couple more of issues here and there, but I don't believe this translation deserve 2 stars.

The author of this translation hasn't been active in the website for almost an year. I'd ask you to add a new translation of your own to these lyrics, but seems like you've done that already.

aindeikinaaindeikina    Fri, 15/05/2015 - 20:47

Uh, I translated this song too, and posted the translation on this site, and I KEPT the original structure, rhythm, rhymes, melody, and meaning. :p Read it if you want!
Also, it doesn't make sense in MOST places, it makes sense in SOME places in my point of view.
Also, if you're not a fluent speaker, then how can you translate stuff? You won't translate a song to French if you don't know French well enough to speak it fluently. Plus, it's against the rules on this website to translate songs to languages you don't know well. J)

Alma BarrocaAlma Barroca    Fri, 15/05/2015 - 21:56

If the translation 'doesn't make sense in MOST places', then why do you evaluate its structure and not its content? I mean, why don't you explain what you think is wrong in the translation (regarding grammar, choice of vocabulary and ortography) and not in its structure. Since you are a native Russian and a fluent English speaker, a comment explaining if this translation has mistakes in those criteria is obviously needed. Imagine if users began to judge translations by their lyrical structure. We would have tons of 1 stars just because they wouldn't share lyrical elements such as rhyme, alliteration, assonance, etc. like the original song.

Someone doesn't have to be a fluent speaker of a language in order to translate something. For instance, I'm not a fluent Italian speaker, but since its structure and some words are similar to those of Portuguese (my native language), it is easy for me to translate from that language. By the way, the rules are not those you mentioned. The official rule can be easily found here:


Only translate into languages that you are no complete beginner of.

That means that even if you just begun studying a language, you are allowed to make a translation. But of course you should click the 'Request proofreading' button, so that people who are more fluent in the language can help.

aindeikinaaindeikina    Sat, 16/05/2015 - 14:38

Well, Knee427, I understand what you're talking about. But there is so many errors in rhythm and rhyme, that it stops making sense in some places. For example this quote:

'Tents folded the wings-they flight is ended,
Plane spread the wings-its the sign of separation',

There are little mistakes language-wise, but it doesn't flow fluently. See what I mean? It doesn't rhyme, and there are more syllables here than in the original version. I'm not judging 'just by the lyrical structure', as you see. And, in your turn, imagine : What if all songs lost the rhyme and the rhythm, and got grammatical errors? That would not be songs at all, and no one would be able to sing them!

Okay, try this: Listen to the video and then try to sing - not read,sing - this song to the original melody. Bet you anything it won't work. :p It's not a song! I know, you already said they don't have to be songs, but what is the point of making a translation that can't be sung?

Also, about knowing the language: Why even start translating a song into a language you don't know? That's just stupid.

AldefinaAldefina    Sat, 16/05/2015 - 17:54

Let me say that I think what you have done was very rude. I never rate translations of the songs that I have also translated myself. Let others read and judge for themselves. Only two or three times I did it, but I gave 5 stars for all of them.

Did you want to show how good your translations was by giving the other one a two star rating? That was not serious.

In my opinion this translations doesn’t deserve 2 stars, it’s rather closer to 4 stars. And as for your translation: it’s also not perfect for singing - I’ve checked that.

Here on LT we don’t translate the songs - we translate the lyrics of the songs and that doesn’t mean that the translations are intended for singing. They have to express correctly the meaning - not necessary the words - so in my opinion they don’t even have to be literal.

Check the site rules:
and FAQ:

There is no rule that the translations should maintain the rhymes, the rhythm and they should be intended for singing.

If you want to make a “translation” for singing, then you have to write a new lyrics right from scratch as a new song and it’s almost never a real translation because of the compromises that are needed in this case.

What’s more, if you give a rating lower than 5 stars you have to explain how this translation can be improved. You didn’t do that, so please delete your vote.

aindeikinaaindeikina    Sun, 17/05/2015 - 03:45

I did NOT give this one 2 stars to make my translation stand out. If that was what I wanted to do, I would have given mine a rating, too. That was actually an insult. I'm just stating my opinion, which is what these ratings are supposed to do.

If you want to know, there is a gazillion ways you can improve this translation - insert rhyme and rhythm, and take out all the language errors and replace some words with better synonyms. For ex, you use a ladder to climb a roof, while a ramp is used to get into a plane. Then, in this quote :
"Tents folded the wings-they flight is ended,
Plane spread the wings-its the sighn of separation"
'They' has to be 'their', 'sign' is spelled wrong, and almost everywhere there is no periods and it's very hard to tell where each sentence ends. Lots of sentences are grammatically correct, but don't flow smoothly. Lots of places there is more syllables than needed, and there is almost no rhyme at all. I'm not being mean or trying to hurt the author's feelings, but this is just the truth!

What you said about mine not being perfect for singing - it might not be perfect, but it's better than this one! Plus, in the place where I live, it can be sung well. I hope you know english pronunciation is a little different around the world. I live in Indiana, where when you say 'again', it sounds like 'agayn', and many other things might be different from where you live. Again - I'm not saying mine is absolutely perfect and has no errors at all.

Also, this song was always a song, never poetry. So, a real translation is supposed to keep the structure and be singable, and have at least partly the rhyme and rhythm of the original.

GabriHylianGabriHylian    Sun, 17/05/2015 - 07:47

Well I think I can see your point here Kina, I do agree with most of your statements. I do agree that the translator must try at all costs rhyming to match the original intention of the song, however, if after some considerable trying/researching, he is unable to find a word that rhymes and fits the context, then he should move on. That's how I do, and I really put all my efforts into rhyming so it's more pleasurable for the reader, but to put a rhyme that's totally out of the context is wrong. I also think that you have all the right to vote 2 stars - you are a member of the site and you considered the translation not sharp. The only thing I can say is that you could have been a little more polite, in my case when I see a translation that I strongly disagree first of all I: Try to contact the translator in order to help him improve it (like I did in Fagner - Dezembros, and is the best for most cases), or simply make my own translation, specially if the translator has not logged in sometime or just didn't respond. Another thing that I want to say is that I saw your translation, and I could see the difference - that sentence for example:

"Darling, sunny day,
Small sun of the forest,
Will we meet again
In this endless story?"

Was that in the now-infamous translation:

"My honey, my woodland sun,
Where, in which land
Will you meet me again?"

Sadly, I'm not a speaker of the source language, really wish I was so I could give a fair contribution here, anyway, analyzing just the translations I gotta ask a couple things: The original was "Which land" or something close to "endless story"? And is there any "woodland sun" or "sunny day" too? I wouldn't put "endless story" if it wasn't in it, just for the rhyme or rhythm, etc , because it really takes away the original concept (if that's the case of course), I'd try to fit "land" in there too, same with the sun thing. As for "my honey > Darling" that's totally acceptable, that's the kind of translation that makes an adaptation without taking away the original idea.

With that said, calling it stupid or insinuating that it was a computer translation was unnecessary, really. I do not rate the translation that I also translated just out of respect but that's my choice, but I do agree that in order to translate a song one has to be a very fluent speaker, however, there are no rules forbidding any newcomer to translate, this would repel many people to the site, so the best is to simply make your own/contact him/her. Regular smile

aindeikinaaindeikina    Sun, 17/05/2015 - 15:52

Finally , someone who agreed with me on something! Regular smile

About your question: Yes, this translation is closer to the original by text (in the stanza you mentioned). But in most of the others it's farther, plus, as I already said, doesn't have rhyme or rhythm. I tried to fit 'land' and 'sun' in there too, but it didn't work out too well. Sad smile But the words that I did put in, if you think about it, they're not synonyms, but convey a similar meaning.

About contacting the author: I would be glad to, but I don't know how to. Besides, aren't the comments a way of telling them how to improve, too?

ShungqarShungqar    Mon, 18/05/2015 - 01:01

Well that would ** the mind of a russian learner. I would have given your "translation" two stars if I knew Russian because of not being faithful to the original lyrics and just writing your own poem with the same rhyme.

aindeikinaaindeikina    Mon, 18/05/2015 - 03:30

I was 'faithful' to the lyrics. I wasn't' writing my own poem with the same rhyme.' I translated as well as I could, and kept to the original as best as I could, but some places they did come apart a little bit. If you read my previous comment, you'll see that I din't say my translation is perfect. Plus, in some places, (again, this is just my opinion), my translation is closer to the original text than this one. I'm not trying to be rude, at all.
If you want to give mine 2 stars go ahead. It's your opinion.

aindeikinaaindeikina    Sun, 17/05/2015 - 14:32

Okay, Moderator-Alligator, be quiet for a moment! I contacted the administrators (I'm allowed to that if I don't agree with your actions) and told them about this thing. In my opinion, you have no right to make me delete my vote, because it is my opinion and not yours. I don't have to listen to you! Plus, the administrators might support me, and even if they don't I'm not deleting my vote until they answer my message. I said my word, and I kindly ask you to stop sticking your nose into my business! I did what you wanted me to do - gave a more detailed explanation for this rating, and gave a suggestion for improvement, so just bug OFF!!

AldefinaAldefina    Sun, 17/05/2015 - 15:11

Your behavior is unacceptable and it won’t be tolerated. The game is over.

aindeikinaaindeikina    Sun, 17/05/2015 - 15:43

You're talking to me like I'm a dog or something and you're God! That's unacceptable, and I won't tolerate it! You insulted me at least twice, and I was wrong automatically, and the fact that I'm a lower rank than you does not mean you have the right to insult me, or talk like I'm something nasty! You have no control over me. At all! I know you're a 'moderator', but that does not give you the right to be a pain in the butt to other members. And, what did I do to make this 'unacceptable'? I'm allowed to contact the administrators if I don't agree with you. And I don't, so that's what I did. I see nothing wrong in what I did.

Alma BarrocaAlma Barroca    Sun, 17/05/2015 - 22:12

We have all the rights to delete votes if they are unfair of biased. A real vote explaining why you think a translation is good/bad isn't as strong as one someone gave only to thank the author of a translation. So, if the vote has no strong reason for having been given, then it is not necessary. Again, there's no rule for the lyrical structure of translations, you're creating this from your mind.

And you are right, you don't have to listen to us. You must do that, since we have rules and abide by them. That's one of the reasons why we have Moderators around: keep the order and make the rules be followed.

By the way, calling Aldefina a 'Moderator-Alligator' is crossing the red line again. Can you please show us where any of the participants in this discussion has been rude or insulted you? I have only seen you call this a 'stupid computer translation' and that translating into a language one isn't fluent is 'stupid' and saying that he should stop 'sticking your (his) nose into my business'. Would you like if someone came to your translations and said 'This is stupid, I hate it.' and didn't explain why is it so? Behave to others the way you want people to behave with you.

If I were you I would calm down, since that can make you be banned.

aindeikinaaindeikina    Mon, 18/05/2015 - 03:33

Oh, and saying I gave this one 2 stars to make my translation stand out isn't an insult?? 'I don't want to repeat myself' doesn't mean I was automatically wrong and this guy was automatically right??
I explained my position about the vote. To me, I have a full reason to make this rating. And if you read the above comments, you'll see that I did explain why I gave this song the rating. So I see no reason at all to make me delete my vote.

ltlt    Thu, 21/05/2015 - 08:23

Using as a guideline, we feel that the translation is somewhere between 3 and 4. Of course people are subjective, but we feel that rating two is too low. Looks like aindeikina didn't read the FAQ. Keeping in mind aindeikina's previous record, she was banned for 3 days, for disrespect for moderators.

To help with this kind of issues, we are going to:
1) add a link to corresponding FAQ section nearby voting widget
2) add provision to FAQ, that clarifies how the translations should be rated.

SchnurrbratSchnurrbrat    Mon, 13/05/2019 - 17:55
Vote has been deleted.

I'm surprised there was much ado about previous vote. I lost count to spelling errors (5?in the 3rd verse alone). Verbs are messed up too: plane spread; ladder go; would waiting, is ended. Meaning of few lines is distorted.

Alma BarrocaAlma Barroca    Tue, 14/05/2019 - 23:16

Well, after this four-year lapse, your vote has just about everything that the previous one lacked: a precise definition on why you think this is a bad translation. Regular smile

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