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Samba of blessing

It is better to be happy than to be sad
Happiness is the best thing there is
It is like this, the light of the heart
But to make a beautiful samba
It is necessary a mouthful of sadness
A mouthful of sadness
Otherwise you can’t make samba, no
Otherwise, it is like loving a woman who is beautiful and nothing else
What else? A woman needs to be
Anything other than a beauty
Anything including sadness
Anything including what she cries about
Anything including what she feels wistful about
A sweetness of mangled love
A beauty that comes from the sadness of knowing herself a woman
Made just to love
To suffer for her love
And to be just forgiveness
Making a samba is no joke
Whoever makes a samba is not because of a coincidence
A good samba is a form of prayer
Because samba is a sadness which acts like a balance
And sadness always has a hope,
Of someday no longer being sad
Made for the people who go around
Any which way skipping through life
Be careful, partner!
Life is to be valued
And don’t fool yourself, no
There is only one
Two maybe if it’s good
No one will tell me that there is
Without proving, well justified
With a certainty that passes through the registry of heaven
And signed underneath: God
With a verified signature!
Life is not about kidding around, friend
Life is the art of encounters
Even though there might be so many miss-encounters in life
There always is a woman waiting
With eyes full of tenderness
And hands full of forgiveness
Add a little of love to your life
Like you do with your samba
Add a little love to your cadence
And you’ll see no one in the world can outdo
The beauty that samba has, no
Because samba was born in Bahia
And if today it is white in its poetry
If today it is white in its poetry**
It is very black in its heart
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Samba de benção

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