Lucero - Y volveré (English translation)

English translation

And I Shall Return

Goodbye, my love
We cannot go on like this
The magic has disappeared
And now, I must leave.
It's better
For us to keep living in solitude.
If today our skies are overcast
Maybe tomorrow, the sun will shine.
Stop suffering!
Maybe tomorrow we will overcome our grief
And, if you promise me that your love will wait for me,
I will have a light to guide me in my journey.
And I shall return
Like a bird that revisits its old nest
You'll see how, soon, I will return and I will stay
To enjoy the peace that you always, always offer me.
The peace that you offer me...
And I shall return...
I will fall into your embrace,
The stars above will shine
And our love will be reborn...
It will be reborn...
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Y volveré