Boby Lapointe - Ta Katie t'a quitté (English translation)

English translation

Your Katie Left You

Tonight in the bar of the station Igor is haggard and sombre
He hardly stops drinking
Because his Katia, his pretty Katia
has just left him
His Katia left him
He drew a blank
This great duke with his tricks
his knacks, his white Russian's ruses
"My tactic was bunkum" says Igor, who's drowsing off
dead drunk at the counter
A white Russian who's sombre
What a funny happenstance! laugh
the lewd partiers in the bar.
For Igor is still sleeping there
But close to his ear
Wonder, a vermilion alarm clock
Is giving him advice
As he sleeps
Tick tock tick tock
Your Katie left you
Tick tock tick tock
Your Katie left you
Tick tock tick tock
You're a cuckold, what are you waiting for?
Get drunk, you're a cuckold
Why don't you, why don't you just get drunk
Your tactic was bunkum
Your tactic was bunkum
Your Katie left you
Take off your hat and trade
Your dirty old jumper
And your crust on your knife
That was attacked so much
For a popular crate
Four crowns counted
And leave your neighbourhood
Your Katie left you
Your Katie left you
Your Katie left you
Your Katie left you
Right next to that, faded whores
Were teasing a naughty cocker
And frail coquettes, while knitting,
Were prattling and chattering and criticizing
A mad Count, who would count grimacing
A whole lot of platform tickets
When all of a sudden...
Tick tock tick...
"Oh morning what an alarming
Clock this alarm clock is"
Cried the Russian white with fear
"As far as alarms go
This is quite an alarm*!"
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Author's comments:

*after "sonnerie" (alarm), one expects a pun on the word: "connerie" (bullshit, fuck-up) (one is disappointed in hearing "sonnerie" (alarm) again)

I translated the meaning but the whole point of the song is a play on alliterations and puns which I'm not brave enough to set to rendering!...


Ta Katie t'a quitté

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