Pas là (traduction en anglais)

  • Artiste: Vianney
  • Chanson: Pas là 7 traductions
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Not Here

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I am an idiot
Broken once again,
And my skin seems to crack
Like dried up since you’ve gone
Still, every time the Moon rises
Along with cold wind,
I, out of habit,
Try to reach you on the couch
God, how far it is
The jubilant night I once had,
When you picked me up
Long before I got sad
You chased me
Ever since we met,
Took me for a necklace
And then broke my neck
Suddenly, you’re not here.
But where can you be? (Not here, not here, not here…)
My ivory (=sleepless) nights,
I owe them to you, definitely
And if yours are dark
No, I don’t blame you
If this is how life goes
Well, I mean yours,
In mine I’m trying so hard
To again have big hopes
Suddenly, you’re not here
But where can you be? (Not here, not here, not here…)
Your place is being taken
And I’m doing my best for this,
May everything be soon erased
It’s the wish I have made
Without you then, I will be
And all I can do now is agree
And you, idiots
With your hearts in pieces,
Let us be the hive
Of a joyful life to come!
Merci !
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Pas là

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