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La Foule (English translation)

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La Foule

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I remember (lit.: see again) the city, celebrating and delirious
Suffocating from (lit. under) sun and joy
And in the music I hear the cries and laughter
that burst and bounce around me
and lost amidst these jostling people
dizzy and disoriented (? maybe not the best translation), I stand still
when suddenly, I turn around, he steps back
and the crowd just throws me in his arms
Carried away by the crowd that pulls on us,
takes us in tow.
Crushed into each other
we are but one single body.
Without effort the flow
pushes us, chained to each other
and leaves us both
blossoming, intoxicated, happy
carried with the crowd that pushes ahead
and dances a mad farandola (=folk dance)
Our [two] hands remain (as) soldered,
and, at times lifted up
our entwined bodies fly away
and fall back together
blossoming, intoxicated, happy
And joy, kindled (??) by his smile
pierces me, and wells up again deep inside me (lit.: at my bottom)
But suddenly, in between laughter, I let out a cry
when, all of a sudden, the crowd tears him out of my arms
Carried away by the crowd that pulls on u
takes us in tow, moves us apart from each other (this doesn't sound very good, but I find nothing better)
I fight and I wrestle
but the sound of his voice
is smothered in the their (=the crowds) laughter (lit.: laughs of the others)
I shout from pain, rage and anger
and I cry
carried by the crowd that pushes ahead
and dances a mad farandola
I'm carried away in the distance
I clench my fists, damning the crowd that steals from me
the man she had given me
and that I've never found again
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Submitted by cortomcortom on Wed, 03/12/2008 - 13:51

La Foule

BonJourBonJour    Fri, 09/12/2011 - 14:15

My favorite translation to this song. Thank you very much for the literal translations, and for the places you make it clear it may not be the best way to say something. I like the honesty Regular smile I study french and it helps a lot to see all that and get more of an idea about the differences between the sentence structure. Thank you.

HafezHafez    Fri, 15/02/2013 - 22:56

thanks...I enjoy from your translation...merci.

tonyltonyl    Fri, 31/07/2015 - 14:07

moves us apart from each other ,could be replaced by
"separates us"

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