nailed it

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nailed it (English) — başarmak

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"nailed it" in lyrics

Love me so much

You held knife my love
Which you nailed it to me
And you were watching the blood which was flowing
You had never seen blood

Thanos Petrelis - My blood

I know that you were sincere when you said that I wasn't the one

because I had nailed it to my heart.

I told myself to not show my vulnerability and tears.

Cherry Filter - Tick Tock

Solitude holds a pistol
and like a murderer is killing our love

We're finished, we nailed it all to the air
Like glass in Frost we dazzled, we're finished
We're finished ...

Thanos Petrelis - We're finished

And free girls to fuck, cause were I'm from the hynas do charge
My label hyped me up and told me I had about twelve hits
They lied, cause when my fucking album dropped, I didn't sell shit
Well bitch, you tried to fuck my life up? You nailed it!
Cause you didn't promote my record, and I don't know who the hell did
You shoulda hired Tanner Guinn, yup, Hop is mad again

Hopsin - Ill Mind of Hopsin 3

Sheila. Both of them tried to lift the stapled flap.

"Ahh, shit," said Marsha groaning. "He must have
nailed it shut." They tugged at the flap again. "My
God, you need a power drill to get this thing opened."
They pulled again. "You can't get a grip!" They

The Velvet Underground - The Gift

I know we had our fair share
In the past, with selfish lust
But once we came together
We sealed it and nailed it shut
Your touch is that of a goddess
When we kiss, I'm at a lack of words

Hoopsin - Dream Forever

Her booty roll and she go slow motion, I stroke it (woah)
There's somethin' 'bout you, you know you special, you golden (special)
Smoking ganj like I’m Willy Nelson in Belgium (ganj')
Like the handyman with the hammer, I nailed it (ayy)
Come and ride with a G, fly than a feather (ride)
Hit it from the back, I'm bussin' like Barettas (nah)

Sean Paul - Body

For is this the answer to our prayers, is this was God has sent?
Please understand this isn't what we meant

The future couldn't last, we nailed it to the past
With every word a trap that no one can take
Back from all the architects who find their towers leaning

Savatage - This isn't what we meant

You never got it wrong
You always got it right
But now some time has passed;
You're ever so slightly off
Thing you could do asleep

A-ha - Mother Nature Goes To Heaven

Son, you need to get a job.


Jacksfilms - Dubstep Solves Everything 2

Can I get your digits girl?


Jacksfilms - Dubstep Solves Everything

a spring morning
and over a blooming jazmin
he caught our queen
he nailed it with pins
over black cardboards
and took it to his museum

Lole y Manuel - A story for my child

Luckily I still have friends,
few, but truly good ones.
Correct and repetitive,
they nailed it once again.

One time I betrayed without reason

Miranda! - I Want to Live by Your Side