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Gigi l'amoroso (english version)

I came back between you,.to sing to you too,
the history of a suburb of Naples
They two were with me to play and sing
for the tourists at the tables of the bar.
Giorgio at the guitar, Sandro at the mandolin
I danced to the rhythm of the tambourine.
But people was there only to listen to
Him who made beat every heart.
And all when he appeared shouted like this
"Arriva Gigi l'amoroso,"1
The heartbreaker, with black eyes like an insolent.
Gigi l'amoroso,
The winner, so heartless, but so fascinating
What a big feast was to stay and listen to him
Zazà, Luna Caprese, O' sole mio2
Gigi Giuseppe
But all the people called him Gigi the love.
And womens were crazy for him, everyone:
The Pizza Chef's wife that every tuesday closed the bodega to go to...
The lawyer's wife who was a saint and never betrayed his husband before
And the Marshal's widow, the Marshal's widow that didn't mourn anymore
because he didn't like black
Everyone, I say! Me too, but me...
Gigi loved too much his freedom
Till the day when:
After having checked him out, a rich stranger woman
proposed him to go to Hollywood
"You'll become more famous than Caruso3, you'll see!"
said her till he said yes.
All the people by the train, with napkins in their hands
The death in the heart for this big farewell,
But proud to see him leave,
Our gigi to the conquer of New York.
And when he arrived, people shouted to him:
Arriva Gigi l'amoroso!
The heartbreaker, with black eyes like an insolent.
Gigi l'amoroso,
The winner, so heartless, but so fascinating
And there in front of everyone he sang.
Zazà, Luna Caprese, O' sole mio.
Arriva Gigi l'amoroso
When the train disappeared we went back to our houses
and the day after the quarter was not the same anymore.
The Pizza Chef's wife refused to turn on the oven,
the lawier's wife, for desperation had several lovers
And the Marshal's widow closed the shutters
And mourned for the second time.
Yes, the quarter had changed
And me...
How much time passed, five years since he left
and letters from him who has received them?
It took so much, courage for us,
Returning to live without him.
And despite his absence, when in the silence
lights switched off in the bar,
we heard coming a whisper and a cry
from the back of the room like a sing:
The heartbreaker... black eyes like an insolent...
It's you down there in the dark?
Wait! Let me look at you!
But you cry! You cry Gigi?
It didn't go very well down there... eh?
But then! Then, what do they know those americans
except rock and twist?
But Gigi, what did you think?
To become like this Gigi the american?
But no, you are Giuseppe Fabrizio Luca Santini!
And you are Neapolitan!
Listen: Giorgio is at the guitar.
Wait! There's Sandro too!
But, but you can't leave so!
Here is your home, you are in your homeland, you're the King!
Uè guagliò 4, Gigi came back! Oh, Mamma mia 5, Gigi arrived from America!
Oh my God, Cesira is dying for love!
Wake up! It came the american! He came from Hollywood!
Carmela! Carmela! It came the american!
You hear them? You hear them Gigi?
There's everyone! They must have recognized you at the train station!
Sing, Gigi, sing! It's your audience, sing for them!
Sing for me, that I've never been able to tell you about love!
Sing Gigi, Bravo! Bravo Gigi!
Arriva Gigi l'amoroso
The heartbreaker...
Bravo Gigi! Bravo, sing, sing!
Carmela, Carmela, Carmela, do you know that Gigi came back from America?
Cesarina, Cesarina, come down, Gigi came back from Hollywood!
But if I tell you that he came back, come down, no!
Guaglione 6 guaglione guaglione run, go and tell to uncle Gennaro
That uncle Gigi came back from America!
Arriva Gigi l'amoroso
The heartbreaker, dark eyes like an insolent
Gigi l'amoroso
The winner, heartless, but so fascinating
What a big feast to stay and listen to him
Zazà, Luna Caprese, O' sole mio...
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Author's comments:

1 Arriva "Gigi l'amoroso means is coming Gigi the lover. I preferred to leave it in italian considering it like a part of his name
2 "Zazà", "Luna Caprese" and "O' sole mio" are three famous songs of the neapolitan tradition.
3 Enrico Caruso a world famous italian singer.
4 Uè guagliò is a neapolitan expression to call boys. It means "Hey, little boy!"
5 mamma mia is an italian expression that means "my mother". It's often used when someone's surprised by something.
6 Guaglione has the same meaning of guagliò at point 4.


Gigi l'amoroso (versione italiana)

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